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  • Yep you're right, it's me! My user doesn't really help but you probably know who I am. :D
    I joined around last year to discuss ICAS maths Qs with other ppl to have an idea of how many I got wrong (I know it's pretty useless discussing things post-exam but I couldn't help it XD).

    I got a distinction for icas science : ( and apparently (according to my mum) ICAS is out of Australia now (they've updated all previous results as well)
    But I knew I did badly because I ran out of time and guessed at the end.
    I have serious issues with time and making stupid mistakes.
    I didn't feel great about AMC either because I guessed the last four (which is about 34 points) and there are heaps that I probably got wrong.

    Anyway, how was UMAT? I was meaning to ask you but I kinda forgot...
    Btw, you're doing an amazing job as vice-captain, I could never do that!

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