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Recent content by Christopher16

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    Best Physics Textbook?

    What is the "best" textbook for Physics (Preliminary and/or HSC)? In addition, what makes them be the "best"? I am personally looking for something which is comprehensive and only teaches what is going to be put into the exam (i.e. NO BULLSHIT) Thanks a ton
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    Predictions for 2016 hsc bio ?

    ye ggwp
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    Anyone have recent prelim papers?

    I have four unit English papers from last year from every single school across the state.
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    Fort Street vs Sydney Girls

    sg since btr rank
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    Why not. Let's discuss on why this forum is dead and make it "alive" and thus contradict our own discussion on why this forum is dead :O
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    Why do we have to memorise quotes?

    Its called being "DUMB"! It should be: "Someone could do jack all year but be smart and do alright, but someone who pays attention and actually learns could be dumb and suffer for that" Just because you study hard, it doesn't make you get a guarantee of 100%.
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    No one is going to answer that lol. Literally no one does IPT.
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    Will i even get into Uni???

    You can get into Uni. <30 = no uni
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    Year 9 Visual Design

    I just followed my friends in Year 8 lol
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    Year 9 Visual Design

    wtf? Year 8 already cares about subjects?
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    James Ruse Interview?? Helpppppppp

    Oh well. Guaranteed 99+ ATAR now lol
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    Is it possible to get an e4 still?

    I think it is GG.