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Recent content by DJP92

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    Strong and effective climate change policy, that doesn't involve a great, big new tax

    Re: Strong and effective climate change policy, that doesn't involve a great, big new ANYTHING Australia does will do absolutely nothing in terms of saving the planet. Yeah, I'm a skeptic. I'm a skeptic in believing that we should put a big nice dent in our economy for the sake of implementing...
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    good idea for xtra marks

    You are the biggest retard ever.
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    Christian Chemist refuses sale of contraceptives

    Ohhh. All this time I thought he was the only chemist in the town. In that case, who cares. If he's losing income over his beliefs then so be it. You reap what you sow.
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    Why would one do general math?

    Because one sucks at Advanced Math?
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    SC Mark Predictions

    You guys care way to much about school. I got 80's in all my subjects without an ounce of study for it. 95 in computer skills. Seriously. Stop studying and go watch tv. I promise you won't regret it.
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    Why do people drink, smoke do drugs?

    Most people drink to find it easier to talk in social situations since you're more relaxed. From experience, I don't understand why some people get so drunk that they can't talk properly or stand up. It just makes you look like a complete jackass and doesn't really serve any useful purpose. I...
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    i highly doubt you would compromise an entire exam by simply marking responses outside a margin. if it does, riot.
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    i like turtles
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    removal of time limits on exams

    i forgot to mention that its unlimited time within reason. no supervisor should have to endure a 5 or 6 hour exam, but they should atleast adjust the time limit relative to the content required to pass it. not just make an exam with heaps of content in it, say 4 essays, then simply slap on a 2...
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    500 internal service error wtf

    the only way to solve all these arguements is to punch on
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    Who else thought the IPT exam sucked big time?

    that exam was extremely annoying. 90% of the content i studied and knew wasn't even in the test! all that communications work was for nothing! my book didnt have any of the role descriptions in it either! overall, way harder than the previous tests.
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    Worried about HSC mark for IPT

    How badly will my HSC exam mark affect me? I've been getting high 80s to low 90s all year in my assignments and I'm ranked 5/18. However after doing the HSC exam I don't know whether I'll get a band 5 or 6 in IPT which is what I was hoping for. Is your rank more important or does the HSC mark...
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    removal of time limits on exams

    What do you reckon? I think having a time limit on exams is counter-productive to the whole point of an exam - to show what you know. If you're rushing or you miss out on question, it really isn't an accurate exam.
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    IPT: Multiple choice

    how on earth do some of you guys remember what you put down for each question? thats insane. yeah my A's were in the 2nd column. so glad someone else got that haha.