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  • If reasonable distance I'd be happy to consider if I can recover the cost of travel also. Currently I go as far as Hunter's HIll amd Castle Hill/Glenhaven.

    Tell me something about yourself: your name, suburb, School. What is the nature of your interest - are you struggling or doing OK but would like to do better or to excel. What topics do you need help in immediately. Are your parents aware of your interest in a tutor? Also 1-on-1 rates different from the group rate I advertised.

    I of course love nothing better than being able to teach maths and to teach it well.

    Hear from you soon. Can you use the Private Message facility?
    Hi, I saw your tutoring add, but I don't live anywhere near Epping. Do you ever consider traveling? I'm in need of a 4u tutor now.
    Thanks for trying to help out. I tutor 1) to be useful 2) make a few bucks 3) to share with the more able ones my special techniques for differentiation & integration. People do not know what I am talking about because I do not reveal them. But my special techniques are useful only to the more capable students.

    As a matter of curiosity what maths are you doing? Are you doing OK in your maths? Are you in year 12 now? Do you do up to Ext 2? Which school do you go to?
    No worries man, also have you tried putting you're add for tuition on other websites such as http://www.tutorfinder.com.au/tutors/find_a_tutor.php, perhaps you could get students by that, its worth a try.
    If I didn't have a tutor, then I would probably asked you cause I know that you know your stuff and I live in one of those suburbs you mentioned.
    Good luck again
    Hey perhaps you don't know me, but you helped me before in a maths question. I've also noticed that you've helped others before. All I want to say is thanks for the help and keep up the good work for helping other students. Also good luck for getting students.
    Good. This is the 1st time I've ever accepted a request-for-friend having rejected 3 earlier requests. But please keep personal info I may disclose to yourself - certainly not on bos.

    I note you are a clever young man from your awesome ATAR.

    I know a lot about durians because I grew up enjoying it. I can make a few suggestions re "good" durians if you tell me your background: whether or not born here; which country yr parents come from. If yr parents are Malaysians/Singaporeans then there's little I can add.
    haha, no worries! :D
    well, I'm doing alright I guess but not doing my best :S
    42/120 for 2U and 29/76 for 3U (they're ranks) but I would like to give 4U a try..... and I dun think that's enough :S
    No worries :)
    Nah, you are the maths professional. You're definitely really helpful!
    Nawww i'm sure you'll get someone soon :D
    See, you're helping people because you're nice ^_^
    hey Drongoski, thanks for the rep! and also, GUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS told me to say hi to you!
    Have a nice day!
    No worries - you deserve it for always helping out in the maths forums ^^
    Aha, i don't think i could stay away from BoS if i tried XD
    Thanks for the luck, i'll need it :)
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