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Recent content by Dupain

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    Transferirng From USYD Law To UNSW

    What WAM do I need?
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    SMH article: offers below cutoff

    NSW universities have defended their admissions procedures against reports in the Sydney Morning Herald that low-ATAR students are being admitted in high proportions to competitive degrees such as law. On Wednesday, SMH published a story claiming that NSW universities were admitting students...
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    UTS LAW vs MQ LAW (already completed first year law)

    And you failed to get into UNSW or Syd? Gee competition is tough!
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    UTS LAW vs MQ LAW (already completed first year law)

    You won't get employment staying at MAC. Move ...
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    SMH article: offers below cutoff

    Data is wrong. Say UNSW law has something like 100+ places for internal transfer after 1st year and their ATARs are obviously below the cut off. Fairfax is highly left winged with their agenda. Don't support deregulation and supports the elite lazy intellectuals.
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    EAS Rorting Has To Stop

    Exposed in SMH this week.
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    i missed an exam

    Don't worry, they'll run the same exam next year.
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    Bonus points for law?

    After Easter Drifting. Go to the UNSW law site under admissions. LSAT coming in for 2017 entry you would presume. Bonus points 2016 is the final year that EAP bonus points will count for Law dual degrees. From 2017 EAP bonus points will not be recognised for entry to Law - See more at...
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    Bonus points for law?

    EAP bonus points no longer accepted from 2017 at NSW. Still available at Sydney and other Unis but you'll need to be a professional sportsperson or represent AUS. Can't recall her name but an Olympian hurdler was accepted into Medicine.
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    USYD combined law atar is lowered...

    Read today's SMH and over the last months about what I mean. MASSIVE cheating by the above uncovered and you condone it.
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    USYD combined law atar is lowered...

    LSAT a must. 40% "Inters" have not concept of English and pass law, along with the "disadvandos" EAS rorters - they struggle so hard at Uni to understand the lectures. Cash under the table for a pass is the word. Corruption is riddled within UWS, USYD, UMacq, ACU, UTS law schools. ICAC must...
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    Is getting an MX 5 a good idea for first car.

    lol your wheels on your NA6, offset all wrong.
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    Is law really the death sentence that everyone makes it out to be?

    I've got people like you covered. Did not take too much to entrapped you into boasting ... too easy.
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    Brickies earn up to $6000 a week? WTF are we doing at uni?

    The Chinese did build the Great Wall. It's in your DNA to have theses brick laying thoughts I suppose.