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  • Haha sorry, its been full for a while!! I shall clear it out soon, won't be on till Wednesday night so ill clear it then and ill send u a visitor message when I have done so haha.
    What u been up to? :)
    I wish your mother a speedy recovery and hope that everything is fine for you and your family.

    Kind regards, an old friend.
    You know, I was just going to ask you what subjects you were doing next year but instead of asking, I just viewed our conversation lol. Anyway, i'm giving my friend the thing tomorrow :)
    Haha I have no idea. Probably because we were the top class maybe? but it was so hard. Are you coming to the meet?
    I now regret choosing 3U English because today our english class (i'm in the highest class) was doing last years English HSC paper and I was thinking "what the heck do I do" throughout all the questions. It was so hard! I am not looking forward to next year. Haha I have no idea why our yearlies are this term. Everyone is already starting to study and I have so much homework and assessments to do :( Are you good at reading? because once I finish my history essay, I would like you to read over it and to tell me if I need anything to fix, etc. :)
    week 6 of term 4? Holy poop our yearlies are coming up! What the heck lol but good luck with your assessments! and yeah now I remember :) Were going to be doing 3U English and Eco together ;) maybe help each other too because I know i'm going to struggle in 3U English and Eco.
    Woah woah woah. That's heaps! I have an assignment due tomorrow which i'm doing last minute and I just got a history assessment task notification today which is due in week 7 which I won't even bother doing until at least week 5 or 6 lol. When are your yearlies? Also, what subs are you picking?

    I might've asked that before but I forget lol
    It's very creative so kudos to you my youngling :p
    I'll be the first person in line to come and view your art piece. I really wanted to do visual arts in year 12 but ig would have probably scaled me down, I had this super fantastic idea in ny head.

    Anyways ill talk to you soon :) keep in touch :)
    Sounds awesome, what's your art piece? I love controversial artwork :) always creates conversation :)
    Glad that I was able to help :) what are friends for?! And haha thanks, really was the best birthday I've ever had. High school will be over before you know it. Enjoy your time there. senior years are definitely the most fun! Keep me in the loop.
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