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  • I just know the national curriculum will probably come in a few years for senior school, but seeing yr 10s making HSC subject selections made me think they might be one of the last years or so :) What subjects are you doing next year?
    And I'm going to South Africa as I was accepted on a science program :)
    Lololo ROSA. People will only care about it if you drop out. Much like the good ole SC.
    Oh wow you're only in Yr 10 *reminisces* Well I'm almost out of school so I'll always be here to give a HSC hand/uni hand. And your cohort might be the last to do HSC yes yes? So you'll be the last to make use of all the resources!
    School is treating me fine except for my Looking for Richard Mod A speech assessment (yeah, I'd pick totally different options if I got to pick my English modules). I only have five days of school left this term :0 As it's a long weekend this weekend, got a day off to do public speaking and then next week I go overseas. And then I only have one term left...and I think I'm the only person in my year sad about it cause I'll miss school a bit.
    Thank you so much for sending the bio notes, they look super fabulous, and lucky person got to do genetic code though!
    Thanks so much Ealdoon <3 Bosers unite! How's school treating you?
    True, that use to annoy me in year 10. But in 11 and 12, you really crack down and use your classtime wisely. Haha I remember after our SC we watched movies for like 5 weeks until the end of term :D Good times. I'm glad your happy with your marks. What subjects are you thinking of taking next year?
    Year 12 is going very quick. We're in our 3rd term already :\ Its equally scary and exciting at the same time. Its a lot more fun being in year 12 :)
    Lucky for you! I still have a full day tomorrow...and have to stay later on Thursday for our ANZAC ceremony.
    So hows year 10 going for you?
    Same. I have to get up 6 hours earlier than I have been for the past two weeks :O ...thank goodness we get Wednesday off! :)
    2 weeks goes too quick. I managed to do just about everything else...just maths can get boring :\ You going back to school tomorrow or Tuesday?
    My one day of freedom remaining? I have unfortunately put off my maths homework until the last possible minute so I have that to do tomorrow :\ What about you?
    omg the one and only day I decide to get up early and study, my neighbour is creating noise pollution. I really think it's a sign I shouldn't study at all
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