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    Packing For Uni

    Well now that the HSC is out of the way, I need something new to stress about. So, packing. Living on campus, what the balls do I pack? Is it really necessary to have a mini-fridge? Or a TV? Or a mattress pad? And not only that, how the hell do I pack it? Will I look like a total tool...
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    What are your uni course preferences?

    1. Genetics/Arts at ANU 2. Science/Arts at ANU 3. Genetics at ANU 4. Science at ANU 5. Science/Arts at Monash
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    Second hand textbooks

    What are good websites to buy/rent second hand textbooks for uni next year? Or is it not worth it?
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    General Thoughts

    Can someone please post the exam, or at least the multiple choice section.
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    General thoughts

    It's historically accurate. As a society, we've moved from ancient "medical" practices where prayer is used to treat diseases (hello, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Amish still do) to a society that relies more so on antibiotics and medicines that have been proven to work. So nerr.
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    General thoughts

    * I talked about Sutton and Boveri, then Franklin, Watson and Crick and how they lead us to understand the structure of chromosomes and DNA. * Then I talked about transgenic salmon and how although they're fantastic for what we use, if they escaped and bred in the wild it could have huge...
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    General thoughts

    Actually, it's total bull. The exam length is designed to be the "right" length for the average student. Basically, if you seem to get the average score in EVERY test, three hours was perfect. Hence why getting 90+ in all my tests has lead me to be able to finish, and be confident with an hour...
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    General thoughts

    I talked about the shift from prayer to actual medicines for treatment (antibiotics, chemotherapy) and the shift from DDT on mosquitos to draining swamps.
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    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    I walked out half an hour early, then everyone came out after and said how hard it was, how they didn't finish, how they skipped questions. I don't know if I did really well or really badly.
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    ANU Finance Options

    Which is the best bank to be with as a uni student?
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    How many WORDS did you write, not some bs pages that could be any size font?

    I reckon this kid is a total troll. I believe nothing he says.
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    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    I used the picture, but as none fit my practise ones, I made it up on the spot. Wrote about ghosts, but not as we know them. Good old twist on a cliche!
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    AOS Essay Question

    They don't take away marks, they look to GIVE marks. They'll probably only mark one of your related texts, probably the first one mentioned. With 10 pages, you should have plenty of information on it though. What was your core text and what was your related ? :)
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Thank god! Even though it says "your appreciation", you can write in third person. It just means your appreciation referring to you as the whole audience. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed out a whole line that said "WRITE IN FIRST PERSON OR DIE." Cheers :)