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  • biggest bludge yet
    all i've done is
    ye done nothing really
    dont even know why im goign school now

    o thanks =)
    but imo it appears to be boring. lol i read the prelim book...and was like urgh..thats jsut me though
    mayan calender man
    that stuff freaky
    been reading about it for so long=o
    lmao man
    your excited about year 12
    if only i could be
    aw man
    only thing thats keeps me going is that urge to get that feeling of "OMG I ACED IT" after the HSC =)

    whats the engineering course about?
    lol hi five
    i always get owned by silly mistakes

    lmao..subjects im anticipating...NONE really..but i guess SDD would be fun to pwn
    what about you?
    Formal. Graduation. Green shirts. We still have to finish our course for geography (what's the point?) Math keeps going for people who are doing 2unit/3unit. How about you?
    woh that sounds awesomely awesome
    ye im gearing up to goto my awesome new school
    hope you have an awesome time at this awesome new campus

    ye i guessi should stop with the awesome now

    im just doing some crash course to 'vet it'..sif anyone cares though..its bs
    lmao your excited about year 11?
    god im dreading it already.HSC IN 2 YEARS :O

    what your overall expected bands?
    hopefully i get badn 6 for everything..although im sure to be disappointed with my maths one =(

    O and amogh is awesome..lol =p
    lol no way
    my schools too pathetic for that...i just got the 08 paper with the '08' bit simply scratched out...
    i have mine on friday
    thats what i dont get...
    i can pretty much ask you the questions =s..although i'd have to be pretty pathetic as its only computing...
    hey what was the history long response
    i are uber screewed
    i think i didnt answer the question...shit...
    i wrote about support for the war...but apparently it asked about reaction?

    maths i got a feeling i did silly mistakes
    was doing it idly...
    lol i was too... but then i encountered the 2nd last question and last question... hmm... how should i do this... 2nd last question = (1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2)^2 = 192... hmm okay.. last question... same shit but with n^2..

    as soon as the test finished i was like OMGWTFHOLYSHIT..... it was like 1^3 + 2^3 + 3^3... I knew you had to use the formula and not count it.. so i lost two marks for those questions...

    I didn't get the translation thingo too so I guessed it.... until recently i searched up translation, which means moving, no rotating, resizing or anything, just moving.

    I think i also made careless mistakes that I don't know of...
    oh maths was generally easy, but I screwed up a few questions. I'm probably gonna lose at least 5 marks, but I hope I still can get band 6, since this was the exam I was definitely hoping for band 6's...

    How'd you go for maths, geograph/history then?
    Haha, I was in the same boat as you but the other way around.
    I did History first and thought I did ok in that but Geo... Man, biggest fail of my life, especially the Research Action Plan which i most likely got 0/5.
    Yehh, agreed.
    Did you get 1^3 + 2^3 +... +(n-1)^3 + n^3 for the very last one?
    I got that, but I'm not sure if it's correct or not.
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