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    Results- How are you going?

    half yearly rank 25/182 2ENG 30/182 3ENG 23/72 ECO 2/73 MHIS 8/71 AHIS 6/18 2MM 23/101 3MM 75/111
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    2009 Economics Marathon

    The CAD and the KAS equal zero (i.e. the balance of payments equals zero) because we have a floating exchange rate. Essentually, for the market to clear there can't be any shortages or excesses in demand or supply and since the factors in the CAD and KAS are pretty much those dictating the...
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    Does English X2 Scale Good?

    Scaling is subjective depending on how well you do in the subject. If you do WELL at ee2 (above, say 48) then it scales really well, and its not as hard to do really well in ee2 than some other subjects. But if you dont do well in it, then because the average mark is so high comparitively, you...
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    Is extension 2 english easy?

    Extension 2 is actually quite hard, in that you need to put in a lot of work for a one unit subject. BUT its fun work, unlike say maths or histories or english2. Extension 2 is enjoyable if you just choose something that interests you.
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    "Communism is the greatest evil unleashed on humanity"

    In theory, they're both fine. In practise, you actually need a combination of both. Communism is very hard to implement because of its need for market efficiency to be made centrally. Capitalism (the pure following of market forces) ignores too many market externalities for it not to be...
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    what will my UAI be roughly?

    Your ranks are very good. Your marks aren't quite so good. But as long as you improve your marks for the HSC, its all good.
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    Low Mark

    Don't get an english tutor. theres no need, they cant do anything for you except work on basic things you can get your teacher to help you with. you shouldnt get under about 17 for an essay if you A) dissect and analyse the question in the intro B) proceed to state thesis and then back up...
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    What's everyone thinking/planning to do in the "big" holidays after the hsc?

    schoolies. and then one massive party, until i get my results back. in which case i may not have reason to party.
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    What kind of school do you go to?

    private selective school.
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    Australian Open

    Federer played really well. Nadal just played a little bit better.
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    Australian Open

    was that it ...
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    what would my UAI be, roughly

    ... at those aligned marks, im not sure you can get over 95? at those RAW marks, its possible. but surely not aligned.