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  • :)

    Well it seems like it's in the 98-99 range for one or two unis i've heard about. I haven't really checked accurately and carefully though.

    Just get as much sleep as possible? How many hours did you average a night during the term and what about exam periods?

    Wow, if you say so i'm gonna do just that at the end of each week. No EXCUSES! haha

    yeah, we are starting with that module and we are doing telmah ...
    Congratulations! Now, it's my turn to endure the wrath of the HSC.

    Well, i haven't really checked but I know i am not going to get into undergrad. dentistry that's why i'm doing any science related course then doing postgrad. dentistry hopefully. Of course i'll still apply for undergrad. dentistry but i doubt i'd get it. :(

    Hehe, yeah, i'm already starting to grasp the concepts of physics easily thanks to some assistance :)
    Haha, you really need to catch up on your sleep! I've just started the HSC and i'm averaging 7 hours sleep a night over a week.

    Summary topics, oh yeah okay. How often should i do this? Realistically though? :)

    Prescried texts and related texts yeah! I'm wondering what you did for Module B?
    haha well make the most of tonight, and make sure you get enough rest :)

    hahha well nothing in life is free.

    4 years and then another 4 years?

    okay probably which ones i'm not so good at? would be physics, economics haha
    but i think i can manage if i work really hard like i have been this week...

    probably dropping legal studies now.

    summary notes for english only?
    you have 6 days left for that physics exam! IS that your last exam?

    yeahh, fun fun fun!

    wanna do something in science :) and then postgrad dentistry
    yeahhh it iss :)
    i have 14 units for the HSC, can you help me decide what to drop? physics, chem, eco, legal!

    yeah, so far so good in belonging ":)
    physics is on November 4th? Make sure you do :) haha you'll earn plenty of money when you get a decent education and land yourself a few decent jobs :) well yeah i want to go to university too :) I have high ambitions :) haha i'm just starting belonging ::D
    final exams for this semester, im in second year of my degree so i still have 2 more years left. We start again next year, probably in early march, meaning im off from my last exam (5th november) till march, which is awesome =]
    haha, yes that was the greatest feeling ever, finishing english once and for all =] My first exam is on friday (maths), which should be ok, then i have elec on tuesday (should also be ok), then fluids on thursday (will not be ok), so yea =[ Oh well, i'll get it all over with then holidays for like.. 4 months!!! ^__^
    im ok, got final exams coming up, stressing out majorly >.< how've u been? You got hsc now right? How's that going?
    Well you can only improve your time management for the modules :]

    I wrote about this guy who is in a hospital and he FEELS like he doesn;t belong (despite the fact that he does- because he's sick). He's reminiscing about his relationship with his wife and his house and how he belongs there (the only bit I have about celebration), but he doesn't like the people in the hospital, and his relationship with his house and his wife break down because of his absence. He comes home and expects to fit in the routine of things, but all medical instruments have been put in his house, and he gets all angry and he ends up hating his wife and his house because he can't belong there naymore because it reminds him of the hospital (which, he hated).
    What did you write about?

    I actually had some time to spare. I didn't leave early, but I wasn't writing when she said "pens down" either, which I thought was weird. I have a feeling that I forgot a partagraph in my story, even though I checked it.
    I thought the exam today, in retrospect, was fucking stupid. The fact that the creative writing question asked for "celebrate relationships" because you can imagine that half the fucking state just wrote pieces about not belonging, and the breakdown of relationships.

    So, there has to be some ambiguity in there....At least, I'm hoping so. Because, obviously the BOS are after some very cliche stories this year, and it fucks over the people who's story isn't cliche.

    And, I'm pissed off with the "on related text". Fucking stupid, it should have said "at least one" because a lot of people did 2 texts.
    So, yeah, I'm pretty pissed off with it.

    I just need to kick ass in the modules then.
    I'm going to tear the shit out of them.

    How'd you go?
    Oh so if someone else gets the top mark and you are ranked first then you get their top mark for your internal marks but you still keep whatever you get for external...and he/she who got the top mark gets to keep his/her mark as their external mark and thier internal mark would be based on their ranking ..

    haha well if it's only a small difference there won't be much of a change so you are alright :)
    just do wht u can do get a decent mark on that physics paper and you'll get to keep tht as your external physics mark :)

    haha maybe in your 3 month holiday :)
    you are planning to go to uni yes?

    hehe you too :) take care :)
    Oh really? I get a letter from them saying I could get up to 10 extra bonus points if I went there because I live in that area.

    Heh, that's alright, because I have changed my preferences again (a few hours ago). I'm looking @ Health Sciences or Applied Science @ Syd or the equivalent @ UNSW. No more nursing or 5 year course (then again, goodbye halfpaid trip to France for a year :/ )

    DAMN! Well, at least it's a good way for you to memorise your notes beteter.
    The people next door are running around like crazy, I always have to shut my window.

    Lol, I have been training myself to write uber fast with heavy pens so when I get lighter pens, BAM, off I go :p
    No not really if you are ranked first.
    You will keep whatever external mark you get but your internal mark will be the top mark from the exam itself, but if YOU end up getting the top mark then you get tht for internal as well external of course and that gets averaged and moderated and tata your final mark from the board fo studies :)

    omg phyiscs?? u better hope you are first if that's the case :)
    Oh lol your aunty is overseas okay :)

    byee tttyl
    Ooh, grooveh. I have some preferences down for Sydney, but alas my heart is set @ UTS.
    Maybe postgrad...

    :O! You're kidding! That's crazy. Please don't tell me that they're handwritten.
    It's specfically for this reason that I don't let my parents come into my room incase they'll throw something out that I need.

    Hows that studying going?
    I'm quite surprised at how fast I can write :/
    Now, I need to go out and buy felt-tip pins to write faster.

    5 days until english is finished forever.
    Huzzah. :)
    i'm actually getting rep for my comments on the official pokemon game thread. apparantly i know stuff about it.
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