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  • Oh yeah, their marks do affect you! Moderating the marks and that :) I learnt how it all works when i was in year 10 thanks to bos :) hehe i'll look for that thread sometime but i suggest you don't go looking for it :) It will confuzzle you and stress you out, all you can do is control the factors that you can control i.e. studying as much as effectively as possible for your HSC exams :)
    then maybe after november 4th you would like to see how the system all works out :)

    ohhh wow your aunty must look like your mum! Well at least you have an adult there to lean on :) I didn't :(

    :wave: :wave: reply tomorrow morning :) or should i say today in the arvo when you are free :)
    yeah, pretty big and scary if you think about t long enough :)

    haha yeah 8 hours sounds better, big day out :)
    awww well, i'm glad you enjoyed studying ten canoes, because at the end of the day it's your HSC that you are responsible for and not theirs :)

    haha, so what kind of hours are you getting for sleep?

    lol kim and matt's dad? siblings are they? must be twins, i don't have a friend who is a twin :( i know one of my teachers is a twin though
    it's a golden orb :) it's pretty big, might be the size of your plates in your kitchen :)

    okay then, yeah going out to see a 82 minutes movie is gonna take only about 3 hours :p :D
    ten canoes wow :) was it good/interesting?

    haha well i'm sure you would be catching up on sleep??

    haha yay! opp. gender included? need those boys to lean on ;)
    yeahhhh, i bet!

    you sure? what text did u study for the AoS??

    4th ayeee tht's alright :)

    make sure u go with friends :)
    yeah, studying, the ost interesting thing in the world. (if only it actually were, it would be more liveable)
    Orly? That's cool.
    @Syd Uni? I only ask because everytime I pass it, I always see a banner advertising for vets...or that might be because there's vet next to it
    My sister's ex-boyf wants to become a vet, too :)

    Ha, thanks, I know I'll go crazy.
    Has anything during these holidays just made you cry/had a breakdown over because of the HSC?
    Because, there's no milk downstairs for breakfast, and I have a feeling that someone is going to ask me to clean my room.
    I'm about to go ballistic :p
    just one icky pimple.
    how am i gonna do that?

    why monday? don't you have the HSC coming?????
    IT WAS Defintely good! I was sooo scaredd, especially when the knives jump out at you!!! It was 3D!!!! ZOMG!!
    heyyy yeah, my skin is on fire!
    Haha if you wanna see it, i can give you a link :)

    Yesterday, you mean? Well i saw The Final Destination (3D) sooo scaryyy, i was like :jaw: every couple of minutes or soo...
    THe movie was realeased yesterday!!! :) GO see it!
    I saw that you do "2u maths, physics, chemistry and biology" and I was thinking "whoa...thats pretty darn awesome"
    Are you looking at Science/Med? What course?

    I have Nickelback the day after my last HSC exam (Y). Yessss
    Omg, i got a pimple!
    Haha so many people on here have asked about my avatar. It's a spider eating a bird, simple as that!

    Yeah, today was probably the most action-packed day i've had in a long time!
    Ha, yeah, I'm in Yr 12.
    So close to finishing for both of us, HUZZAH.
    Yes, I have been studying heaps. I think once English Paper 2 is over, I'll be a lot more relaxed, but those 3 essays scare the living shit out of me.
    Any idea of what you want to do after?
    bachelor of science at maq. doing a doble degree in paleaobiology and geology.
    actually, the archivews are really interesting the processes and the info involved are really fascinating. i mean, i was reading a court trial for an alien in australia during WW2 in their camp. isn't that interesting.?
    i think the course is just much simpler, more fun, and overall, easier.
    nearly finished the note-taking. it is the most menial task of all the lands. well, after organising the national archives. actually, i went their for work experience in year 10. awesome as.
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