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  • Nope not the initials of my name.
    Many have asked, and many more will continue to quiz the very nature and meaning of O.V.K...but who truly has the answers?...me thats who, but uttering the true definition of O.V.K will only bring forward destruction and misery to all..... :D
    Thanks :D
    I like your pic too, nice eagle-dog thingo haha
    What is O.V.K you ask? Well that is the real mystery is it not?......
    not really, it's only annoying because the avatar & sig are not in sinc, as the avatar is modified because it was too big. :cry:
    offcourse, most annoying things ever seen, even annoying to me sometimes but that is handled I guess.
    hehe thankyou!

    I believe it's just a smiley face which is rather annoying.
    Hehehe that degree sounds like a great way to do both chem engo and biomedical engo :D I was actually considering doing biomedical engo myself for a while.

    Twas a group assignment which was pretty awesome. We basically used a combination of paper folding and tape to stick the joints together ^_^
    Oooo sweet. You could do chemical engo with a masters in biomed engo @ UNSW XD

    Physics, maths and computer problems for starters. Then there are designing problems like one of my major projects was so build the lightest bridge possible out of paper, cardboard and tape that could support a 5kg load dropped from some specified height :)
    Hey hey. Engineering is good right now. Although i do regret not doing much work this semester right now - i am currently cramming for end of semester exams which are next week =='

    The work itself is pretty sweet. I enjoy it quite a lot - the mixture of maths, physics (and hence problem solving) as well as team work is awesome. The environment nonsense they made us sit through was really bland though - but i suppose most unis would make you sit through that and you will only have to do it once XD

    Are you considering engo?
    current appearance wise yes, but i'm not full asian. both of my parents are Eurasian french/vietnamese. over the years i've had ptosis, have broken my nose making it look bigger and have become really tanned so yes, the only remnants of being mixed is my curly hair.
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