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Recent content by jason2kool

  1. jason2kool

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    LOL, i wrote about the Joseph Kony campaign, for the second HR question... is that alright? hahaha
  2. jason2kool

    Multiple Choice

    My teacher thought 4 was D, due to the 'binding' ... However, I had c.
  3. jason2kool


    for our option topics, should we know ALL the contemporary issues in depth? or, is one argument related to every issue enough?
  4. jason2kool

    Help ! options essays study

    for our option topics, should we know ALL the contemporary issues in depth?
  5. jason2kool


    are these just media articles? or including cases?
  6. jason2kool

    Help ! options essays study

    with regard to consumer law, would it be wrong if we still refer to the trade practices act and all the other old legislations such as the contracts review act, etc???
  7. jason2kool

    Legal Studies Preparation

  8. jason2kool

    Anyone willing to check my consumers/world order essays?

    Yeah I'll read them jason-boustany@hotmail.com
  9. jason2kool

    aesthetic as fuark in the avatar

    aesthetic as fuark in the avatar
  10. jason2kool

    Is B.Pharm a good place to start if I want to find cures for diseases?

    Re: Atar predictions for b.pharm usyd this year? it dropped like 10 last year apparen Very very minimal job opportunities man
  11. jason2kool

    Sections III, IV - Extended Response

    anyone else write about the 'Competition and consumer act 2010' and the 'ACCC' when referring to government regulation?
  12. jason2kool

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    what was the answer for Q8, and please explain why? :)
  13. jason2kool

    Who is going to start studying for uni the day they finish the HSC?

    I'm going to have to go with this guy on this one.
  14. jason2kool

    General Thoughts: Biology

    what everyone put as an enzyme, i totally forgot so i just wrote lol part of a liver haha
  15. jason2kool

    General Thoughts: Biology

    always better to relate everything back to society lol but nah you didnt need to