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  • hahaha same

    I brought a brand new Fritzpatrick book for $75, quite expensive but its new

    I like the idea of lying in my bed and doing maths
    i have had the pdf's for awhile now, i thought i would like the actually book but really now think is a waste of money
    nah I'm not sitting for umat, since I'm not gonna do med or medical science :p

    It's private tutoring, although my parents force me to go every week. I'd prefer not to.
    I'm finding MX2 to be quite a good course; it's not that difficult but to some sort of extent it is difficult. The harder 3U section is the hardest but the other sections seem pretty easy-average level.
    Yeah I do have tutoring for it, although tbh I prefer to only have it sometimes, not frequently though :p
    Wish I lived close :(. I used to live close ( about 10-15 min walk from school), but I moved to Lidcombe and it takes an hour to get to school and back from school.

    So I have to wake up super early and go home super late and start studying early :(... o well... just 4 more months...
    I can't study until late at night because I live 1hr away from school... train + bus.. which means I have to wake up at 7. 6am for morning classes on tuesday and thursday
    oh man chung yeah?

    hmm I know some of the ppl you told me; mainly because they went to our school for the maths challenge

    and SpiralFlex goes to my school; he's such a tank at our school, reckon he'll get dux at this rate
    oh what school do you come from btw? :p

    hmm I wonder who your friends are too... I know some year 11s around...
    lol im preparing general knowledge for my AMus exam that's gonna be after my trial and between my HSC exams...

    man I swear AMus atm is a trek... playing pieces are like worth at least 1.5 hours a day... T_T

    nevertheless, school isn't so bad atm, but I'm gonna be smashed by half yearlies
    Yeah sure, I'll sell fitzy to you. Perfect condition, hasn't been written on. PM me your offer or if you have further queries, thanks.
    I would actually do more than one application since I am a (insert word here). But according to the syllabus, one application is viable.
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