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  • mbbs is heaps fun :D it's different to what you expect though? but that's ok cos i'm loving it :D
    I don't think that the resources are worth paying for. They're just like all the other notes on BOS but just organised a bit nicer.

    Was there any subject in particular you wanted to see? I could try and show you.
    Hey jnney,
    nah I'm not a premium member but I've seen some of the resources before.
    Any reason why you're asking? ;)
    I will have to confirm this with my Physics teacher as I am not a Physics expert, I am rather into Mathematics.

    1 iii) If an ammeter is connected in parallel, with dependence on the power settings, the readings received will be incorrect. The ammeter will read the current flowing through the two connected points. Since there is a negligible amount of resistance in the ammeter, it will create a new path around the circuit resulting in a short circuit. If there is sufficient current flowing through the ammeter, the ammeter will be damaged.

    I can help you more with Mathematics though.
    Jobs? Uhh, well - tons. Mathematics is very varied - you can go into tons of careers, or so I hear. I'm concentrating on how I can improve my maths now, not where it'll take me.

    Just search maths jobs on Google and see what you can get into. But you have stuff like teaching, lecturing, researcher, mathematical modeller and then you have Commerce applications, etc.
    Hey jnney,

    Yeah - it's fun. It's interesting as well - like they introduced a new way to solve simultaneous equations (matrices), and there's also a lot more theory and it's all within the realm of pure mathematics. If you like maths - then you're gonna find it interesting. It's difficult in parts, but that's just the beauty of it I suppose =P
    Section 1 - comprehension basically (reading large passages)
    Section 2 - understanding individuals emotion in a given situation
    Section 3 - logical i.e. puzzles
    LOL fair enough though it's only a term and a bit left so I might as well stay with my current tutor :L

    and yeah my tutor is asian too

    english is alright, english tutoring has helped me heaps i swear; helped me write better essays xD
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