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  • haha sweet

    meh idk really, i guess i like a bit of everything. tbh doing all this finance has really disillusioned me about what value i'm really adding to people's lives. like, if the economy crashes and i'm reponsible for people losing money etc that shit is pretty fucked lol. idk i guess eveyone has a crisis.

    wow nice! know which area of med you wanna go into?
    haha yeh true dat.

    yeh man axis of awesome are fucking awesome - this vids old but still funny if you remember everything

    yeh meh uni is alright. legit just wanna get out of it and go into the real world but lol. haha yeh, i'll just take it as it comes and hopefully it'll all be good. how's 2nd year med going bro? still really interesting haha?
    yeh that's true. i like how kenshin fluctuates between an a badass mofucker and an idiot, it's sorta endearing hehe.

    m8. mateeeeee. moite. matteeeee. m9. nah dw lol, but i reckon you'll enjoy the books more :)

    lol whoops. invest in some better sunscreen :L
    LOL yeh, also chicks who buy them like 3 sizes smaller i don't want to live on this earth anymore.
    yeh, though tbh in samurai x kenshin's master is much more badass. like, his appearance/demeanor in 'rurouni kenshin' sorta let's that down meh.

    nah brah stark winter is coming :L you read the books or watch the tv series?

    LOL mate didn't you spend time in the water? also shouldn't sunscreen work? also LOL sooo many dutch/french tourists in bondi thinking it's a fucking nudist beach. i'm not really complaining though ;)
    yeh defs same :L. mate you seen 'samurai x: trust and betrayal', THAT is probs one of the best i've seen. legit it's art :')

    LOL nah brah we got da game of thrones board game. that shit is much more intense :L (we all hate each other after playing and backstabbing/invading each other lol)

    nigga we just get blacker at the beach dw you're resistance is increasing. also no more niggas/nigga impersonators on bos LOL. that's something new :L

    also of that list big shoutout to kino's journey. i reckon you'd like it A LOT (a lot of the content is very thought provoking)
    ummm sword art online, rurouni kenshin, basilisk, kino's journey, monster, toriko, hunter x hunter etc

    just with my cousin's. one of them's married so it wasn't like rave party LOL. we mainly just played board games at night #epitomyofyolo. u been?
    hahah, i've gotten into anime much more actually, legit averaging about 8-10 hours a day :L. yeh i went brissy, was pretty nice and hot up there. hbu?
    Omg, the Levi + Mikasa combo is legit the most badass combo ever. AND WHEN HE'S SPINNING AND SLICING THE TITANS. Urgh, so cool. I had to replay that (+ when he first appears in the anime) so many times.

    Oh, that's true... But season 2 isn't going to come out until quite a while later because the manga is taking too long to update :( but there's an element of surprise in the manga as well. The latest chapters are mindnumbingly awesome. Though they'll probably be more shocking in the anime because of all the effects and bgm.
    AGREED. His cleanliness ahahaha.
    And you should read the manga!! It's actually the best. :') Though it takes the mangaka forever to update (hence why no season 2 of the anime yet) :(
    Thanks! :)
    Uhm yeah, I don't even think I'll pass the threshold right now... and UMAT's a bitch :(
    Oh well, I'll go do an arts degree.
    Heyyy !
    I just have a question- for med if you pass the thresh-hold atar that isn't considered as a factor for entry anymore, does it?
    And when does the ATAR prediction get submitted? After trials ?
    Does the principal do the predictions or...??
    sorry for the bombardment of questions !
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