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  • Hahah, I think we match in many of our other reasons :) Except the last one, that's very creative I must say !
    I'm guessing you want to endeavor into the specialist field of neurology? Neurosurgeon Kiraken?

    If I get in you have noooo idea how grateful I would be! There's no other profession that would suit as well, and be self-fulfilling :)
    What are you doing atm? At the hospital a lot?
    Ahh I see, but hm I don't know if i should become one provided I get in. How did you know for sure?

    The MMI sounds more stressful than the panel of two :L
    True, true . I don't know I think my reason of 'loving science' will lose it's legitimacy if I drop another science :L I already dropped physics.

    What's MMI? Yeah, I heard that the UNSW one is pretty different in comparison to other unis, the ' life experience' questions they ask and what not haha
    Omgsshh! That's so cool! You did both 4unit subjects! Smarty!
    I wish I were as good as maths as you :(

    How is med for you without doing bio? Because I was going to drop bio because of the laboriously long syllabus it has but the girls doing med said it was more useful in med than any other HSC subject :L

    I've never heard of that person lol, I had to Google it hahaha. Nevertheless I bet you aced it with such a creative idea :)

    Yeah, I don't know. My initial reason was having an immense passion for Science but then irrc that would have quite a fervent rebuttal.
    I have lots I just don't know if they'll cut me off if they heard something they don't want to hear...
    Was it scary??? Are they full intense?
    hahahah WAIT you did 4unit english too, right?? What other subs did you do???
    And since ur hsc is over what did u write about (about not being obligated and i have no intention of doing a creative)

    Ohh I see, well I just know my biology teacher's daughter is a 1st year at UWS :) And she's a redhead but that's all I know, oh and she's white, probably very white.

    Is that a good enough reason? IF I'm lucky enough out of a million chances to get an interview, I'm freaking about the questions they'll ask haha :LLL :(
    Lol. I don't want to ask but is it really ethnically dominated by curries and Asians? I've always been curious haha
    Do you know a girl, last name Koz... I can't spell it all it's long .
    I want to do it because I have the emotional need to help people who are suffering, what's more satisfactory for both parties other than the aid of healing? :)
    Whoaaaa you're doing my dream course! :) omgggshhh!
    How is it? Do you like it? Tell me everything! hahah

    Hmmm well I don't want to share just yet but when hsc is over I'll let cha know. It's pretty original that's why I'm reluctant to tell :)
    hahah I'm more of an analyst than a writer :L speeches are so fun! And criticals- examining omgawsh it's the best! Everyone to their own I suppose :)

    What are you studying at uni?

    4unit eng, chem, bio, hist ext, modern, visual arts, sor 1.
    Hell yer I am :)

    Uhm undecided, going through some plans right now but all seem horrible.

    Buh I'm either doing a critical or a speech/s

    what r u doing??
    i'm going to write a backup story just in case my first one doesn't fit.

    What features do u think I should include so I have covered all bases?
    hey, wondering whether you could have a quick gleam over my short story tomorrow or the next day? I have no idea whether it has enough belonging in it lol
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