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Recent content by Kittikhun

  1. Kittikhun

    Is it worth applying?

    It's better than nothing, but, mate, why would you want to go all the way overseas and be away from family and friends for an almost equally good education that you can get here in Australia? I recommended you to do your undergraduate stuff here in Australia, and if you're good enough to, do...
  2. Kittikhun

    I want to be a Jet Pilot in the RAAF

    I don't mean to be a dick, but a few points: -Australia only has 40-50 fighter jets, and there are probably hundreds and thousands of other applicants each year applying for those few spots to become a fighter pilot. Even if you do get in the RAAF, you're going to go through extensive medical...
  3. Kittikhun

    Mental toughness

    What's your definition of mental toughness? What keeps you going when that pain or boredom just seems too much to continue to bear? Thanks.
  4. Kittikhun

    URGENT: Liberty, equality and fraternity

    I'm not an expert on the French revolution, but I'll try my best. First step is to read the wiki page of the French Revolution and proceed from there. 1). Analyse how the three-tiered system worked during the Ancien Régime. In doing this, you'll see why the revolution adopted such a motto. This...
  5. Kittikhun

    AFP Closing recruitment?

    I feel for you, man. Perhaps it's a temporary thing and they'll open up recruitment soon? I mean it's not like they are going to stop AFP recruitment forever right? You're still young, bro, and you're going to apply for them during the latter stages of your crim degree, no? If not, there are...
  6. Kittikhun

    I want to be a Jet Pilot in the RAAF

    Quite sure. He probably has been accepted to become a pilot, so that means he could fly any plane in the RAAF according his results during training. Or he could have been accepted to become an officer in the RAAF with no function as a pilot. But yeah, becoming a jet fighter pilot is extremely...
  7. Kittikhun

    A Norwegian students desperate call for help

    What?! It costs $20 for maccas in Norway?! Interesting. I didn't know that. I could be wrong, but maybe it's done to dissuade Norwegians from eating unhealthy stuff. The Norwegians like doing that thing. I think they even banned children toy commercials on TV to stop advertising companies...
  8. Kittikhun

    Sneaking into lectures?

    If you're really eager to know what uni lectures are like, here are tons of lecture videos from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the US. http://www.youtube.com/user/MIT/playlists
  9. Kittikhun

    Joining the defense force

    I personally think it is. It has good benefits; you get job security, a wide range of skills, good pay, novel experiences here and there, and the pride and satisfaction in serving your nation and giving back. It's probably not good though if you are in a relationship or have your own family...
  10. Kittikhun

    I want to be a Jet Pilot in the RAAF

    All I know about being a jet pilot is from hearsay, so don't take what I have to say as established facts. 1). Yes, extremely difficult. You will be flying planes that cost millions of dollars to buy and maintain, so they will be selective. You will need to be of the highest medical fitness to...
  11. Kittikhun

    Everyday fitness

    You forgot to mention uphill, bro.
  12. Kittikhun

    A Norwegian students desperate call for help

    Sydney is expensive, by the way.
  13. Kittikhun

    Sneaking into lectures?

    Sorry to spoil the fireworks, but the day when you're going to uni is during uni exam time, so there will be no lectures at USYD (which is the reason why they're holding the MH study day at that time). You can look up uni history lectures online though on youtube. Nevertheless, I've been to that...
  14. Kittikhun

    Students who did not do well in the HSC?

    Yeah, it's all about motivation towards a certain subject.
  15. Kittikhun

    Getting involved...

    You can join the SES or the NSWRFS, if a brigade falls near where you live, and make an honest commitment to whichever of these two organisations you choose to join. Regardless of which organisation you choose, you'll learn new skills and meet great people who wish to make a sincere good...