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  • It's a pretty relaxed environment in my opinion. There is a bit if construction currently underway so it's not the most aesthetic site as you walk in the front entrance, but otherwise it's a really modern campus. I love the atmosphere there, it is an even mix between the ethnicities there as well; caucasians, asians, americans etc (a fair few international kids roam the grounds). The GC campus isn't too far away from the city but it's not like it is integrated amongst the streets like UNSW or USyd; it is a little bus trip or walk away from the main streets.

    I'm sure you'd like it if you chose to join me.
    Thx for the encouragement champ. Nah, you should get 91 easily, as I said, you're currently looking at 99+. Even if you don't get 99.00, ATAR is no indication of how you do in uni so it doesn't really matter. But aiming high is the way to go ;)
    I don't understand that, it is not even a required subject to get into the course.. I don't particularly care, but owel. Are you planning to do any sort of engineering?
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