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  • Just a gut feel. I will be. PS never answered my original question, just asked another one, very clever :)
    Well if it ain't you it's your blonde friend cause that is definitely you in the pic. Nothing nefarious I assure you, thought you were kinda cool at the meat, and Shane was kinda a dick to you, but I did think you were holding something back, I'm naturally curious about those things. I'm not trying to hunt you down or XXXpose you or anything
    You on the left, cardigan and red cheque shirt next to some blonde dude in a pic taken in a club/pub somewhere
    I think not as I can see u on fb under a different name :p - I swear I'm not being a crepe I am just bored and looking up BoSers on fb
    Your name isn't really Ralph, is it? Not that it matters, great IRL troll if it isn't,just curious
    Family holiday, days have been pretty fun, but nights kinds boring. Oh yeah, results. Obliterated is always a good idea regardless of good results or bad ones :p
    Pretty good, I'm in Hobart and bored so BoS is keeping me entertained. How bout you?
    oh nice, is that tonight. goood. not much, still shocked from this morning's events. what the fuck just happened hahahahhaa
    nah son, I don't. And idk man, hyde park I think? But I will let you know br8
    br8, I realised thats a shit idea and I will h8 lyf if I do
    2-3 until 11, train is 11:30 back home
    COUPLA DRINKS? fuck that, getting shitfaced
    m8 I am pretty keen to meat my numba one fan
    yes pretty much. cbf explaining it. do you really want me to post Indian girls? i thought you hated every other colour apart from white.
    bcuz they dont really fit the word attractive. some are pretty but attractive implies like the whole package (looks, body etc)
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