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  • Where was this signing anyway? well that kinda sucks but I can't imagine just how much fun it would be, sitting around til your ass goes numb, signing shit for people you don't know lol ooo can you post one? I don't care where, I wanna see :D
    u fucking creep stop messaging me for my address u creepy cunt

    no i dont trust that you will send ur mum as a free prostitute you fuckin creep

    im not going to respond to ur "invitations for webcam sex" and im just going 2 block u

    fuckin weird cunt

    anyways offf bos cya fuckin freak
    We never really had anything to say.
    You are to crepe comments as johann is to aspie comments.
    it's just how things are.
    not many people actually consider it irl truth

    admit it
    u <3 the time we spend 2gether on bos

    its the shit memories are made on :'(

    bahaha but serz this has been a whole heap of fun
    Everywhere in newtown.
    tbh the nights i've spent there i've been to wasted to care about the names but friends seemed to drag me all around
    I only know what the insides looks like

    Nah my 18th was a suprise one at Botanical jardins

    tbh it hasn't. pray tell me, what was my 'perception' before.
    Basement dwelling secret asian half caste

    Pshh sif you'd be stupid enough to even go

    Newtown is where it's at
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