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  • hahaha

    so you were the one on the left
    (soz about comment then ahah)

    better than what i pictured you though

    but to be fair, you totally look like a greenwood frequent :p
    lol good joke

    + uve never been nice 2 any1

    u have serious personality problems m8

    and nah br8, u look hideous with ur crepe mo and rape/stalker look
    - you think ur good looking (which is hilarious)

    keep dreaming m8

    u have self-esteem issues
    The more and more i read your comments. This statement i made earlier "You probably aren't, i may be mistaken" becomes irrelevant.
    You probably aren't, i may be mistaken. Maybe this is just your political perspective.

    The way you talk and act seems like you're a racist.
    ahh see your not understanding. This isn't about you, i give a fuck and your not hot gtfo. AHAH plus you probs live in broken hill yerp
    oh thats so thoughtful. However i regret to inform you i am technically not a new member as i created my BOS account over a year ago. Cheers for the thought though.
    Hmm seriously considering telling you this information. Did you want to mail me something?
    Hai guise im lonelywolf:

    I cant wait to meet you all at the meat
    We are gonna have a blast
    Ill bring my hammer and a few pills (dw bros its just for scarin promise)

    hey b4 we meat guise, give me some pics of ur house and face and the location of where ur going

    nocrepe bros im just curious (lul they will nevar know)

    *archives all information*

    - raping at its best

    please go away u creep
    ur a faggot

    u say "mortal enemy" then place no value on ur internet persona

    thats who u really r

    ur just a creep
    ur a role is one that will get u bashed one day

    and i dont think its a role at all

    stop trying 2 cover up for ur retardation
    a lot do not like you

    but they cant stop the meat just cos ur going

    just answer me this.. and ill just settle with calling u a creep

    why do you like keeping records of people and want to know who they are?
    this is my impression of u:

    "cant wait to go meat guise.. i can finally interact with ppl who dont know what i look like before having to spend a day with me... suckers"

    i reckon ur a definite crepe (even in real life) but i flame u for fun i have 2 admit
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