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    Which of the 4 flexible cores are the easiest/most interesting?

    yea they do and its not that hard to do well in 10% is homework online 10% attendance and participation 30% in class quizzes- all MC and 20 mins long and u get sample quizzes too 50% for the exam which is all multiple choice
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    From b com to b com/b media

    Im doing b com at unsw atm and I'm enjoying the degree, however, i wanted to find out what criteria i need to meet (i.e WAM) to transfer into b com/b media in semester 2 or something. thnx
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    How much do you study per day?

    as many have said above and as u have probably heard, set goals and achieve them. set goals u can actually reach, it might take u 2 hrs, or even 4, but make sure u know what u want to do and get that done. as carrot has said, anymore then 3-4 means somethings wrong... deswa1 studied around 3 hrs...
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    Will it be the end?

    depends on how much ur half yearlies weigh in ur assessment ranking.. more often then not half yearlies mean shit all
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2014

    Is anyone here applying to live on campus?
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    Where do u find update enrolment... Im at work on my phone trying to do this
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    How the fk do u make this shit
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    Im confused as shit - can i just call unsw and they do my timetable
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    Shit how quick do u have to be... I just changed my name and I'm sorting it out with unsw/uac so I can't enroll. Hopefully can still get 3 days
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    Post Your 2014 Sem1 Timetable

    I still haven't enrolled yet, but would it still be hard to get a 3 day timetable for commerce if I enroll by Tuesday the latest?
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    AAA + EAS for law

    I asked them. It's a max of 10.
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    2 left now :)

    2 left now :)