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    Going into Yr 11 Chemistry? Help!

    The skills learnt in year 10 should be gone over again in year 11, depending on your teacher - don't worry too much - year 11 is a chance to start on a new leaf no matter what your grades were like in year 10 (I for one was terrible at science in year 10 but managed to get alot better in year...
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    Is Coaching for HSC Really Necessary?

    It depends on how self-motivated you are
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    Latin Extension Thoughts

    Yep definitely How did your top-ranked person find the unseens? The person I was talking to before said that they found the unseen difficult and he's really good so I'm certain that the unseens were just of hard level I haven't talked to anyone else because I don't know anyone who does Latin...
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    Latin Continuers/Extension 2014

    I have a couple of trial papers - PM me?
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    HI! I replied to your reply haha :)

    HI! I replied to your reply haha :)
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    Latin Extension Thoughts

    Hi! No worries :) Pretty sure our top-ranked person thought the unseens were okish (but keep in mind she is really really good), but she did explicitly say that she found the shorter one difficult - the rest of us though said both were difficult She is usually 100% accurate with unseen...
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    Latin Extension Thoughts

    LOL feelz Someone looked it up after the exam on their phones and GG Don't stress too much - everyone's on the same boat!
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    Latin Continuers/Extension 2014

    HI GUYS!!!! Hope that Latin Extension went ok today! Best of luck for Latin Continuers on Friday :)
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    Latin Extension Thoughts

    I completely agree! So glad that I'm not the only one who had to bs that paradox question and also thought that the unseens were difficult I was surprised at the topic of the 10 marker, but it was ok to write about because there was quite alot of substance there
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    Do you guys feel after solving a question.......

    Yes that feeling of joy and relief after solving a 4U question is the best
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    Help please

    It's 99.5 for music/med + practical audition to get into the Con's music program
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    Latin Continuers/Extension 2014

    Have you asked your teacher? Apparently there is this CD containing all trial papers that teachers can purchase and then distribute to students What is your teacher giving you for grammar/commentary/translation practise?
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    :( i crie.

    Please don't lose hope - there is still time for you to study hard and try the best you can to rectify yourself!
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    Ext 2 maths

    If you enjoy doing maths
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    James Ruse vs NBSC Manly

    Of course OP has to work hard to do well, but in a highly competitive and top ranked school like Ruse, a student is more likely to be motivated to work hard and thus do well