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  • you could post a thread. I posted one earlier on, lol. so scared about year 12. hopefully, i won't start bbombing out
    hahaha i started with ext english, ext maths, physics, chem, music 2 and SOR 1

    but, im dropping ext maths to 2 unit, and getting the 4th unit of english :p

    its liek christmas, easter, birthday and halloween all at once... i really hated extension maths this year.
    Good luck with it. If you want, you could try posting your ranks + marks on BOS and get a UAI/ATAR estimate. Just to see where you're headed
    hehe thanks. Don't drop maths!!! you can keep improving. I haven't gotten chem back but I think I might've come last. Yep, you must study hard.
    you're aiming for 99 UAI? I am too :D
    I got 100% in Ancient history (first place, constituting a rank of 2nd overall).. and 2nd overall in 3U Maths :D

    Let's smash our rivals. I wanna come first!!!
    hehe I had an actual nightmare that I failed maths. turns out that I got 94%, which is much lower than my expectations, however higher than my expected rank.

    how did ur exams go?
    If you are looking for dark, cyclical, and ambiguous, donnie darko is perfect, seriously check it out asap.

    its one of my fave movies of all times :)

    btw that all sounds good :) and its lucky you weren't planning the whole "he work up" thing.

    im close to throwing up everytime i hear it hahahaha

    what other subjects are you doing?
    Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog on 'How to start your homework' it's nice to know that my work is actually half-decent :)

    I see you do ext. english for year 11? How is year 11 treating you these days? Only a few days left?

    Year 12 next term woot!
    haha i know the feeling on the religion front.

    yeah i think you could do something like that for your text, if youve seen donnie darko its got something similar going on. good film.

    basically you can pull that off, as long as it doesnt all turn out to be a dream... be subtle not cliche
    Virtual high five right back at you.

    atm im thinking a film, and its a visual study of the way in which our state of mind affects our way(s) of thinking. Basically its about how even we can be unaware of what we know and of parts of our own consciousness/subconsciousness and the way movement between different states of being effects what we understand from the world around us and our ways of thinking.

    that wasnt at all basic I know, but it's a work in progress haha

    the biggest problem with doing a film is that I need to find actors... sigh that will be tough.

    what school are you at?
    it sucks how your marks are affected by others in the class
    oh i thought u drew your avatar. nope, I didn't draw my avatar. I don't do visual arts. I absolutely hate art.
    I thought you liked art coz usually people who are good at english, are good at art, but I guess there are exceptions to that case.
    you will have to work very very hard to make up for the scaling. I think it would be easier to get a good mark in maths and chem than work your ass off for drama.
    work hard anyway. and study smart
    ahhh so you drew your avatar. do u do visual arts?
    what??!! you lost your key. OMG how r u gonna open your locker?
    at my school, the teachers have a master key which can open every locker, so if you lose your key, they can still open your locker + you have to pay to get a new locker key.

    I've never heard of KISS booklets. My school uses conquering chemistry.
    I've got three days off as well :D
    Good luck with drama, english and chem. BEWARE CHEM!! It's a bitch!!!
    My school had an external exam for chem. If it helps, study for the allotropes of carbon, and remember your molarity calculations.
    aww can u speak to your dad on the phone/webcam or something?
    when are u going to NZ?

    Come to think of it, the holidays are approaching :D Term 3 went by really quick...
    haha thanks.
    I'm worried that i won't dominate the test. But revenge is a sweet things. If I don't dominate Maths, I'll have to study my ass off for Ancient History and dominate there.
    Do u have an exam on Monday? Are u studying now?
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