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  • I tried looking for tix as well... Yes, I would have been up for a third time. I couldnt find any though, and couldn't be bothered for ebay. Looked like it was all sold out. At least I still have a second one to look forward to ;)

    I am so jealous you were in the mosh, omg.
    But I'm seeing her again when she comes to wollongong, and I'm going to be in the mosh there... So excited to see it again...
    So intense + emotional, omg.

    And then I had an art exam the next morning, and there was an essay question on varying artist interpretations of feminism and sexuality, and I finished all the artists I'd studied... Soooo I ended up writing a whole page on how gaga is an artform embracing identity celebrating sexuality haha, omg, ... I want to be back there!!!!
    haha, yeah first week has been really good.

    tbh, the content at the mo is a bit boring - it's re-tracing hsc bio and chem and maths!

    ...not that i'm complaining =P

    no way, law?! lol, what on earth has possessed you to turn to... *shudders* THE HUMANITIES?!?!
    heterosexual unions will always be of more importance and legitimacy, I accept that. But I'm positive one day it will be different.
    I'm not saying they're as bad, OFC a monagomous gay union is better than beastaility or pedophillia, no doubt about it. I'd even go as far to say a monagamous gay union is better than a really open heterosexual one.

    On the scale however, they all appear lower in both importance and legitmacy than a monagous heterosexual union.
    Oh god :(

    Its okay,... Her inspirational performance will give us good luck.

    ... :/
    ARGH, I know!! How annoying is it!! Do you live in Sydney? I live in Wollongong so I was planning on staying up there on Wednesday night, then coming back during the day on Thursday, because they originally had cross country planned on that day... It was all perfect, but then they changed it and now I have my chemistry exam at 8:30 on Thursday! ARGHHH.

    Therefore, no cramming, and I'll have to catch the train home, probably get home about 1am!

    : (
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