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  • That's the whole point of the rep system since it says "I disapprove".
    My parents aren't even religious, they're strong libitarians like many on these forums.

    I do accept you mate, honeslty I don't think you or any other gay person is actually evil or anything. You may find it hard to believe but if I met you on the street, I wouldn't treat you any different from anyone else, unless you looked like one of those like ultra-gay village people wannabes, in which case I may give you an odd stare lol.

    I support your right, yes its a right, to sleep with whomever you want, even if I don't approve. But that doesn't mean I have to approve.
    If your reasons aren't bliblically inspired...then where the fuck do you get such rediculous and immoral opinions from? Yoru parents?! I god hope not. To think that they have raised you in such a way you can't accept people for who they are and let them do what makes their heart content.
    Then why the lack of resonable response on your part? All I have seen are pathetic appeals to emotion "waa waa he criticized me".

    Almost none of the reasons I've cited against gay marriage and adoption are in any way Biblically inspired. I could accept what you just said if everything I said was based on the Bible, but it isn't. I have employed numerous secular arguements, which also have failed to recieve a response, from you or those on your "side".
    I have not said anything descriminatory against homosexuals @ all. It is a behaviour, so condemning it is not a sign of hate towards the people who engage in it. This is opposed to racism where one condemns a persons race, which they have no control over. You are merely frustrated because you are unable to respond to a clearly superior arguement.

    Your threats mean nothing to me. I find it amusing however to see that you need to resprt to violence in order to express yourself. You're not better than the thugs who go around bashing up gay people, which is the ultimate irony.

    God bless.
    So much unjustified hate. Buddy I don't hate you, even tho I disagree with you, yet here you are flaming @ me. Oh the hypocrisy of it all!
    Haha well, being a language, it's not something you can cram. Make sure you do LOTS of practise: reading, writing, listening and speaking, as much as you possibly can. Vocab for continuers isn't as important because you have a dictionary, but knowing all your Kanji (and vocab) will help you go faster during an exam (because looking through a dictionary takes time lol). Just make sure your study is consistent, because cramming seriously does not work xP. Oh, and make sure you know your grammar really well, because longer sentences can become a little bit confusing to understand. :)
    No one individual is superior to another. Obviously you get off on feeling important. Everyone is equal. Not everyone receives the same opportunities, but everyone is equal. A year of study is not superior to a year spent in any other way. The HSC isn't exactly the hardest senior school programme available either. Maybe if you had completed a year of your IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma I would be impressed.
    Combined Law - USyd.
    Tossing up between Law/Political, economic, social science OR Law/Arts.
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