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  • Elfen Lied = Naked alien horror show? xD
    So many nekkid parts there, LOL.
    I've seen the previews, might watch it :D

    Oh and the Bleach fillers were painful ><
    I loathed the whole "Bounto Saga"
    The Espada part is pretty good now tho :)
    Team LAWLIET for sure!!

    After what Light did to Naomi Misora and Takada I hated him!! D:<

    I like Matsuda too =D

    Who's your favourite? Watch any other anime? =D
    It's a bit unrealistic with my school's rank of 500+ and judging by the fact that my school has barely ever had any Band 6s/E4s in the subjects I'm doing.

    90+ would be good.
    yeahh i have, i've finished them :) wanna share notes later for cross-referencing?
    UNSW is really pretty ^^" But gosh, all those stairs! USYD is reeeeally big. You feel like an ant when you step inside. Uni's going to be weird, eh? After being the worshiped seniors (not that I'm ever worshiped, I'm too short to be considered to have any authority =.="), we become.. ANNONYMOUS. Heh.
    Yeah, no matter what atar I get, I'm definitely going to go to USYD/UNSW. And like, transfer into what course I want to do if I have to.
    YAY go commerce! I have a thing about office work too xD There's just something about city life... =)
    I want to do Law, combined with Commerce. I'm a human-rights-y sort of person ^.<
    Haha, thanks for the rep xD
    They won't let me give it back! D:
    They said I have to share it around first ):

    Did you go to the UNSW/USYD info day today? =D
    I've fallen half in love with both and don't know which I'd like to go to.
    What course do you want to do?
    oh im still on Pompeii and Herculaneum. you haven't stated that have you ?
    Aha yeah i do; perhaps it's because of my rep status right now?
    Aha hehe, gluck with beating the HSC - you're in for one long ride XD

    Oh and i got it! I got the RTA scholarship :D
    Thanks ^^
    Yeah it's tomorrow :/
    I'm super nervous but not really expecting anything. I'll tell you how i go ^_^
    if there are heaps of bludgers, wouldn't it be easier to get to the top, if you have the right motivation etc?
    assignments..lol. last year, i was loaded with assessment tasks.. i had one every week, and apparently year 10 is nothing compared to year 11. joy, ill be happy with the workload >_<
    yes, i studied for sc.. so i'm a bit dissapointed with history cos i was hoping for a band 6. oh well. i've learnt a better way to study for exams.. people on BoS say that the syllabus should be your "bible" and that you should be using it as your guide, along with another study guide to get questions off it..
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