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  • i'm doing standard english because my english tutor thinks that id be better off topping standard english than being at the bottom half of advanced english :/
    i put 50/50 into ext history on advanced sam and from memory, i think it scaled down to 45 :/
    what's a major work, and do you know if the subjects i'm doing have major works?
    yeah, i might pick ext history depends how well i do .. but if i pick ext history, i might want to drop something..
    and lol for my sc -_-
    english : 79 (band 4)
    mathematics : 72 (band 4)
    geography : 76 (band 4)
    history : 83 (band 5)
    computing : 90 (highly competent)
    :/ not too great, but im sure i can improve on these for the next 2 years where ill be having my face down on a textbook everynight lol -.-
    mmm i wanna do law.
    yeah i've been doing a bit of maths, practising of cambridge textbook and coroneos.
    i was thinking about picking up ext history for year 12, however i'm not too sure since apparently ext history isn't worth it (doesn't scale well for the amount of work you have to put in)
    i wish i could pick up ext maths but my tutor says i shouldnt because ill be struggling heaps.. sigh i wanna do general and just top general :/ but my maths tutor isn't too happy with me doing std english so i don't think she'd be happy at all if i did general maths. especially with an atar aim of 97+
    Crap, you only had time to do maths everyday? Did you do Maths ext? :/
    I know that for subjects that we're doing (essay-based subjects) we need to pull out a 95+ in each subjects to gain a good atar.
    i know i have endless motivation but im always feeling like i havent done enough study.. oh well, i guess that can be a good thing.
    what uni course you want to get in?
    12 units is a lot of work? :/
    I want to do 10 in yr 12, but i'm way too paranoid that i'll stuff up one subject, hence stuffing up my whole atar.. :/
    i'm stressed about prelim and hsc ahead of me. hell, i haven't even started prelim yet. well i'm not exactly stressed, i'm just .. scared i guess. i'm starting at a new school this year.
    i'm doing english std,maths adv, legal, business, ipt, modern history for prelim and most likely keeping all 12 units for hsc too.
    i went to a school on the lower north shore, but this year im starting at cheltenham girls, ranked 69th this year..
    i'm stressed because ive seen a lot of people get really bad uai's in the past, a lot of regret from people i know.. and a lot of family friends, and family always lecturing me about how important it is to get a good atar. i'm hoping to study law.
    so, its basically seeing people have a lot of regret and family influence that stresses me out. also, the amount of $$ my parents pay for tutor.
    Haha, thanks for the rep you took me to my 3rd box of rep :p
    Yeah, i'm only starting prelim this year.
    What subjs do you do and what school?
    Neutral?! Whaat, because I don't have enough posts, my approval doesn't COUNT?! So unfair xD
    Oh well, when I have 98232463264 posts (which may actually happen considering my current ratio of "time spent working" to "time spent on bos"), my reps will be worth so much more. Then they'll be sorry they ever labelled me neural. MWAHAHA. Ha.
    Thanks for the luck! I'm gonna need it. Goodluck to you too!!
    AH! I see the light!
    Haha, thank you ^^ For the explaining, and the rep.
    (I think I gave one back...did that work? >_o)
    And you will do fine too :)
    I'm sure everyone on this forum will. We seem to be a good lot. Mostly xD
    Suuup ninety :)
    I'm a complete noob when it comes to most things related to bos, so uhh tell me, what are reputations, how did I get them and how do I give them back? ^^"
    I got UNSW AAA; may or may not get RTA scholarship but i have to wait until the 4th to know :/
    Commerce of engo eh? Gluck with your decision :)
    Hey, you do Eco right? Wanna swap notes? I'm swaping with BHS10 as well, wanna do a 3 way swap?
    im not feeding your arrogance kid. dont study and youll end up like me, an ugly, asian undereight hikikomori motherfucker with a uai of 95. forehead bea!
    mate, if your attitude and work ethic you[ll definately get your goal of 99atar. just keep it up man and keep improving. i got ~95 without any consistent work, lol.
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