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  1. NWO

    Students who did not do well in the HSC?

    Bro, lots of drop kicks in my school always truanted and skipped lessons. Got like 30 ATAR. "Got" into uni lell
  2. NWO

    Human Bio 108- no past paper? Gonna fail

    Hey Tracy, BIO108 lol... Im barely passing this unit.. Exam tomorrow and I am struggling to memorise stuff and there are no past papers... Anways, if you had done bio in high school or have a interest in science, you could do it. However, I don't recommend you to do it as your planet unit...
  3. NWO

    Human Bio 108- no past paper? Gonna fail

    hi guys, I don't know if this is the place to ask but do any of you guys have past papers for MQ "Human Bio 108". Like any past paper would be fine lol. I need to get used to the forma. BIO 108 doesn't even want to give us past papers or anything that's going to help. sad uni... Gonna get...
  4. NWO

    Bitcoin, Bitcoin eco-system and Cryptocurrency student group

    Do any of you guys actually have the physical bit coins? That would be cool lol.
  5. NWO

    Laptops for Uni

    Note taking is hard in lectures. The tutors go too fast lol.
  6. NWO

    Anyone else's uni experience like this?

    dw same lol. cbf making friends in lectures. lol. even if u tried to speak to someone, the convo would last for 5 min and aftr lec, ull say bye and prob never see him again.
  7. NWO

    Anyone else's uni experience like this?

    lol. had 1 tutorial so far and bunches of lectures. XD
  8. NWO

    How to make turnitin account...

    lol what a broad question? Mac uni? Bio??
  9. NWO

    Is it possible to do two degrees at once?

    wow lol. When they realize that you have fooled and lied to them, only then would you have realized the consequences. Sometimes, parents are way experienced than you are and know the best for you....
  10. NWO

    Is it possible to do two degrees at once?

    And, yes, you can do double degrees at once... Like " bachelor of commerce and mathematics" in one course.
  11. NWO

    Is it possible to do two degrees at once?

    tbh, you should do the course that offers you the best job opportunities. Either way, if you study at a better uni such as Usyd and do a bad course, the result will be the same. However, if you study at a good course, let's say, commerce at USW, it probably is better for you. And you can even...
  12. NWO

    Unable to enroll online for both courses...

    So, this is what happened. At Macquarie uni, I first got enrolled into the course "b of commerce professional accounting" and units like 2 weeks ago via e-student online. On the 31st Jan, I received a late offer, and I accepted "business accounting". I gave the faculty a call, and she said...
  13. NWO

    What does asterisk next to the course mean?

    that was just an example. ty
  14. NWO

    What does asterisk next to the course mean?

    In the newspaper, next to the course is an asterisk. Does it mean it is full? Somehow I got in... http://www.uac.edu.au/documents/atar/2013-late-cutoffs.pdf Courses to which no offers have been made on the basis of 2012 Australian Year 12 results are shown on the course list with an...