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  • yo

    personally i don't do much to save my battery but it still somehow lasts for approximately 2 days with light use (or 1 day with heavy use)

    i've found that moving down the screen brightness and then setting it to auto brightness helps + try turning off wifi

    there are a few apps that can help too, otherwise i don't know :(

    i just charge it at uni whenever i need to
    It's just because I've joined too many groups to fit in all the pix, and then the site autoformats it so the pix aren't there.
    I regret to inform you that I am not what one would classify as 'hot' :( (and the phrase 'trust me' is how people lure the vulnerable in :p)... Okay, I've been swayed, i'll give it on one condition. If you link me yours, I'll link you mine, :D... Oh, and please refrain from mocking me... Too much (if I send you the link)...
    Maybe I will eventually :) but for now, I just don't want to be exposed to the ridicule on here that many are subjected to... Really sorry :( (plus, I'm on an iPod, I'm not able to anyway ^.^)... I think I'm one of the few New Zealanders on here, so, I'm just gonna try and keep my dignity for a bit longer ;) please don't be too offended...
    Brilliant! Thank-you :) I shall kindly return the rep when I'm allowed (it won't let me at the moment, apparently I have to spread the love... Rep... Whatever you wanna call it :D)
    i never had gold :'( rep is lyf etc etc luv u tho. i am going crazy too, so dont worry too much

    the happyhaps are basically nothing. i keep getting swapped onto weekend shifts so i cant do cool things.

    i have eloped and divorced 6 times already!! (there is a couple of cutey teachers there and since i'm not technically a student it's not weird :inlove: (i'm a crepe))

    (i'm sorry, i just get really bored really easily and the fact that when i am awake, australia is asleep doesn't help :cry:)
    YEs you said haha shit the neg rep in your sig on the 22 of jan. I only checke d now because I forgot my password and i only found my diary with all my passwords tonight, so that is why I said that so late.
    why do you only ever give me reds? I Need greens too because i am still trying to finish my christmas rep. Kaz1 is really nice because he gives me green. So far i have more reds then greens, I need more greens to even it out or it will be ruined.
    Just wanted say thank-you very much for the rep :) (I know it's terribly late, but I only just figured out how to access the info regarding who gave you rep -.-)... Anyhoo, thanks again, it's greatly appreciated (because as you can see, I have hardly any rep :/)... :D

    (and I just can't believe how many times I wrote the word 'rep' in that bleeding post... Urgh)
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