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  • LOL the beauty of being tall. hehe
    ummm its my 16th bday, and plus i dont want a huge party
    with fancy gifts to me offered to me. i just dont want exams that day
    so i can relax and reflect back on my 16 yrs of living and the crazy
    thing what i used to do. lolz

    are you Aries to?? Aries people are the coolest people
    alive dont u think:cool:
    bahah very funny
    im not small , i pretty tall for a girl 170cm:D

    aww dont worry i feel your pain my bday is term week 1
    and to top it off i have an major exam that day. fml
    stalking is scary, i remember the time
    when i was on the train and dis dude is like
    i know everything about you,
    and he told me what school i go to and
    my full name, plus my sister and brother name.
    soo scared to shit. later realized he was this dickhead
    at some party i went to :S

    my life is going well exams coming up soon :(
    i dont want to grow up i like being small :D
    and the HSC dont want to think about that :L

    and yourself?
    aww why didn't they let you??
    lols i hope you still get a bit of rest before your other exams and assignments
    by the way what school do you go to.
    woow only 4 hours sleep before an English exam 2morrow.
    i cant ever do that, i need at least 9 hours :p

    im in yr11
    and my subjects are
    standard English
    2unit maths

    and yourself??
    you have an exam 2morrow and your on BOS lols
    all the best for 2morrow.
    by the way what yr are you in
    LOLz wooww u realized that i didn't even know. thanks for telling me:)
    im well and how are you
    hey sorry for the randomness, just saw you on some blog ans decided to stop by.
    lols i hope you dont mind :)
    LOL oooh I get it now Imiraj. Sorry it took me three days. I sort of skipped a few words when reading that message and it came up all wrong.
    lol my subjects were good because i enjoyed them, but aggh major works being due at the same time as trials literally kept me up at night stressing!
    haha whatever you say, I admire you. i predict 99 ATAR hahaha.
    92.50, just for P50 =P

    But yes, the hard part is getting to P50 in the first place. I stared at a 4u question for 30 minutes, got it and then was going "OH YEEEEEEEE" for the next 15.
    LOL you bored child. And yep, James Cook uni - not UMAT required there :)
    I'm sure you can handle a few more years with the name James Cook XD

    Hehehe, mine aren't exactly Asian parents though :/

    You bio nerd! Go away! But what happens if you let the plastic cool down? :/
    Work out what you did wrong in chem and make sure you don't do it again. Then forget about it and move on. There's not point screwing up your next assignmenting by crying over spilt milk ;)

    You say that now, but would you like to have my uni timetable? XD
    Well, UAC tables - I take P50 from all your subjects, take the best 10 units, add the aggregate, compare it to the ATAR v. Aggregate table and it spits out an ATAR with maths.

    I don't think ACU and the like even have a med course :/ JCU does though :)

    LOL your dad is funny XD

    Plastic muscles? Most likely, but i doubt you could move very much :/
    >.<" Do your english assessment!
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