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  • me too!

    however, i think our society is still too medieval to adopt it. crab mentality and all.
    Well, don't give up! There are many universities that offer med ;)

    LOLOLOLOLOL. Your poor dad XD

    Ahaha. Haven't you heard of plastic/cosmetic surgery? ;)

    communism is the natural evolution from capitalism after everyone has superseded their crab mentality
    Dont say that - I admire you! Not many people have the capabilities to do be both fervently creative (as ext 2 requires, unless you are doing a critical response) and logistical and science oriented. I think with a subject selection as diverse as that, you're bound to do well. Keep at it :)
    Sweet, you must be a super smart cookie then :p

    LOL ahahaha. I didn't even know UOW existed until 2 years ago or something XD

    Not all women are in love with themselves. Most actually try and change lots of things about themself :S
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