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    UTS B Design ATAR UAI cut-offs 2012

    Okay, I'll give them a call, thanks for the advice :)
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    Transferring to B Construction Project Management at UTS from B Arts in Media at Macq

    What type of GPA would I need to achieve in order to transfer to B Construction Project Mgmt at UTS?
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    UTS B Design ATAR UAI cut-offs 2012

    Hey, I'd like to transfer from to a B Construction Project Mgmt at UTS. I'm going to be studying a B Arts in Media at Macquarie Uni. What type of GPA do I need to transfer?
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    raw mark for a 65 in eco???

    Yeah, I did, they seemed like they didn't know what to do, except offer me water and panadol...
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    raw mark for a 65 in eco???

    yeah :( i was sick during the exam/still am sick, I was feeling really dizzy, and felt like i was going to throw up, had the hardest time just finishing the exam, let alone actually thinking about what I was writing :(
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    raw mark for a 65 in eco???

    yeah i stuffed up
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    Good luck gen. Maths students!

    Thank you! can I have some luck sent my way also lol
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    any one else screwed for paper 2 englis -.-

    this made me lol. dw it's 11:30 and you will be fine, i'm pretty sure the majority of year 12 is in the same position - i still have to memorise 3 essays and it's already 11 :/
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    can i still get 75

    Adv English 37/37 Gen Maths 33/53 Economics 3/8 Legal Studies 10/15 Biology 16/39 Studies of religion 23/56 School rank 300's Is an ATAR of 75 still achievable?
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    Getting into Cambridge from the humble HSC

    no offence, but why are you thinking about uni in the first place, you're in year 9, go out and have fun
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    does anyone have any advice on how to write a generic essay for Hamlet, which can be applied to any question? thanks