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  • hey, do we need to know how to draw images from concave, convex, plane . etc.?
    I'm thinking of doing the same course, but at UNSW, coz USYD is not asian enough for me :L

    I'm probs wanting to do B Commerce/B Science (Advanced Mathematics), so I can get two degrees xD

    I heard UNSW is better for applied, while USYD is better for pure
    well anyone can do UMAT but you should only take it if you're considering doing any of the medical sciences like medicine or dentistry
    don't forget about combinatorics, try to do well in that topic :p
    Its the topic I kinda struggled with...
    LOL not past papers atm, probs around late term 2 I'll start past papers...

    right now I'm just writing up legal studies notes :p
    Hey spi, i need help mate. But you're inbox is full !! Please clear some messages =)
    I can't be bothered reading the whole thread about changing schools, but anywho.
    I changed schools at the start of year 12. I went from my local school, The Jannali High School, to a selective school Smith's Hill High School. Best decision I ever made. I got the ATAR I needed for uni, I made plenty of new friends, I gained confidence, and yeh it was good.
    Problem is, most selective schools fill up at the start of year 11. Trust me I put my application into Caringbah in a little late, and missed out for year 11 admin. They were full for year 12 too. Still try. Start ringing other schools NOW. Find out what the protocol is, and do what they want.
    The jump in work load is intense, but worth it. Stay ontop of your work too.
    Good luck mate, I hope you get into a school that you want(that's if you want to change), and I hope you absolutely destroy the HSC.
    I do not know what I want to be. But something about the combination of English Adv, 4 Unit, Physics, Chemistry calls out.
    Chemistry is interesting, I have to admit.
    I know I HAVE to do chemistry for the course I want to do at university [medicinal chemistry] so that's why i'm taking it.
    Unless chemistry is absolutely necessary for the course you're interested in [I don't think it's needed for med, not sure about engineering]
    If its calling for you, listen to your heart :p
    Do you like chemistry that much? Does not doing chemistry affect the courses that you're considering at university?
    I don't think repeating your HSC just for chemistry is the best option you have. SBHS? ehh? Haha.
    That school is really, really smart. I wish you good luck and all the best for when you apply :]
    4U math is a bitch apparently. Requires a lot of time and effort. If you're going to be bothered enough to put in the time and effort, good for you :]
    Can't you change this year?
    I don't know if this has been done before. Do you reckon the BOS would allow your school to allow you to do that? :/
    I'll be alright soon. Haha :]
    So what did you do today? I've been trying to catch up with my math work and i've realised how shitty trigonometry is. Worse thing ever.
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