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  • PM system is sucking. I have Jacaranda Physics if you would like it?
    Spiral is always right? :p
    You do know that I know your real name, right? LOL. [No, i'm not a stalker]

    LOL. Righhhttt. Math jokes? really now? :p
    I heard a differentiation math joke once, and it's turned me off math jokes forever.
    Clean your inbox mister!
    What maths joke? I don't get it... Please explain :D

    Umm... I spoke to a few people that go to my tutor and they confirmed he actually is in fact a 16 year old dude that's in my class, so it turns out he's not a stalker, just someone who I haven't yet been acquainted with.

    Also, your private messages inbox is full. Just thought you should know. LOL
    Your inbox is full, so it wouldn't send.
    But like... I have no idea who he is.
    I've never spoken to him, nor do I know what he looks like.
    Yet he knows so many intimate details about me and those that I know. I kinda would consider that stalking :p
    Thanks a lot, very much appreciated. Well it was in some forum that you posted up if the publisher wanted some notes. So i sent you a PM, didn't think you would reply but yeah thanks :). With some of these resources, can i share them with other Bored of Studies members if asked ?
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