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    Subject Selection - Geography vs Legal Studies

    legal~~~ you can make up your cases, even the judge's comment to support your ideas~~~
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    Whats the the best Pre-Workout

    creatine is an illusion ~~accentuating your muscles but ur not really big soznotsoz shredded 24/7 all year round GAT nitraflex if you want a pwo but it's really potent
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    Should I pursue law?

    because they're indoctrinated into thinking top tier firm = eventual success oh dw brah I'll just b partner one day and rack in the big bucks
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    Should I pursue law?

    The industry is far from dead, and mostly, when you wanna make good money, you have to think outside of the box. Not every law graduate is working a billion hours. Some work pretty comfortable hours and make significantly more than those overworked lawyers in top tier firms.
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    Girls would you date/marry a guy who is absessed with "health"

    I'm sure they would, but they'd also prefer a guy who can spell.
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    Ahmad Shah Style-Based Notes, Revised, Edited, Perfected.

    The world needs more people like you tbh
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    2014 Autumn Semester Timetable (UTS)

    Is this to me.. I just chose subjects and timetabled accordingly haha
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    Favourite soft drink ?

    None. They affect the gains.
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    Hsc record of achievement

    lol ill look at it in a bit I saw that you got into comm/law unsw freaking grats bro edit; just saw it and died dat lack of state ability
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    Hsc record of achievement

    Got it in the mail a few hours ago.
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    Holiday Progress

    Don't worry kids. Once you start term 1 (2), surrender yourself to the basement, and all will be good.
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    If you're accustomed to having coffee everyday, have it as soon as you wake up. If you wait a few hours, a headache will start developing, and it will become worse when you drink the coffee. If you wanna remedy the situation once the headache is there, drink a bottle of water within the span of...
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    Why have you had a detention?

    I got a detention once for playing boxhead during class (it was back in year 9 when they were really strict about kids playing games in class).