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    But it's all good because I'm ranked above her in modern and ext.
    So she can't beat me with her illness.


    How was chem also? :D
    No it was Hannah.
    She had to run out twice early in the exam to be sick :/
    ooh nicee..
    LOL Bio multiple choice was surprisingly hard .. it's usually easier and not as tricky :/
    But. The rest was okay, I did as much as I could to prepare so I'll be happy with whatever :)
    how'd you find it?
    After HSC is formal shopping. I am so scared I will not find a dress in time lol
    Then maybe working .. oh and holiday to NZ.
    cannot wait for these two weeks to finish.

    wbu? what's your plans after hsc?
    Yeah, pretty much the same. It's monotonous, but it's sorta enjoyable lol.

    There are drop toilets nearby :D

    I don't really have one favourite song. Atm my favourite one is probably Sally by Trial Kennedy.
    So did I, just reactivated it today :D
    Ahh, it drains my time :3
    And I accepted it just then :D

    If you're ever up towards my area for a few days, tell me and we could go camping maybe.
    Alot of rock stuff really, and lately I've been getting into music with bass (but, I suppose that's what happens when you have a car and you cruise around all the time haha)
    What about you?
    I work at subway making sandwiches :D
    I've camped there once at a party, had my tent pegs stolen, so yeah, fun times. Where I do go camping is right near a beach, and we wander out onto it really late at night, it's heaps nice.
    Awww, go on msn or something, or facebook me :D
    Nah I dropped Chem at the start of the year. Physics is my next one :D

    Ahh, not much apart from exams. Getting quite a few shifts at work now :D
    And I'm super keen to be able to go to the beach again finally. You?
    It was intense, like camping.

    But, I'm glad it's over and done with. There were a few questions which were easy (Prove that this angle is double that angle. "FUCK YEAH!")
    Yeah I think that's why my friend likes it, because it's right near all the shops. I don't think she's really into all the technology side lol.
    Hahah we can enjoy the failure.

    M+ adds to the memory of your calculator, and when you press M, whatever you put into M+ turns up.
    Oh wow it does too! That's pretty cool lol. But you're supposed to do the working out too, oh well.

    Just start hitting the desk probably hahaha.

    My belonging story was some guy from the Central Coast :D

    I was on here looking for resources to save me from being slaughtered by paper 2, and then it just changed around and had the 'tell us how you went' So I joined up :D
    Isn't it M+ into memory?
    I'm 5 hours north of Sydney, there's like, 6-7 beaches within a half hour drive for me. I go all the time :D

    Really? Its just starting to get some cloud cover here, but it's been hot all day. I'm at Kempsey, between Coffs Harbour and Taree.
    Hahah, we went through some yesterday, and I found the 1s and 2s hard aswell. We're both doomed.

    Hahaha, talking in morse code would be awesome. Slightly awkward if one of us burst out laughing though.

    Oooh, a friend of mine wants to go to UTS, I don't think it does Environmental Science though, because it's primarily technology stuff isn't it?
    Hahaha awesome, you'll have to teach me some of them too :p
    Planning to go to university, something in the environmental science field.
    Going to SCU at Lismore hopefully, applied for a scholarship.

    Haha it does work, you can add things like certain constants into the memory.
    It's way too hot to study for MX1. Come beach it with me! Except like, that's probably a long distance to travel just to beach it haha.
    I'm going to the beach all the time once my exams are done haha.
    After HSC I'm going to be partying, hanging out with friends, beaching it, all the fun stuff really haha. I turn 18 during schoolies :D

    Fuck that, too many exams left haha.
    I didn't have to do any major works, so glad about that.

    Nah they didn't, they just checked to see if it had any notes on it.

    Yeah that's alright. You can set it in settings to save your sent messages.
    lol yeah.
    English - I don't know, I never have known it and I never will.. I just don't belong with it.
    Maths 2U - I realised I made so many silly mistakes, so that kinda sucks.
    Ext, Bio, Chem, Phys.. I have a lot of study to go lol
    My top UAC choice is now Optom :)
    I don't know if I'll get it though cause of umat - if not, pharmacy?
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