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    But it's all good because I'm ranked above her in modern and ext.
    So she can't beat me with her illness.


    How was chem also? :D
    No it was Hannah.
    She had to run out twice early in the exam to be sick :/
    ooh nicee..
    LOL Bio multiple choice was surprisingly hard .. it's usually easier and not as tricky :/
    But. The rest was okay, I did as much as I could to prepare so I'll be happy with whatever :)
    how'd you find it?
    After HSC is formal shopping. I am so scared I will not find a dress in time lol
    Then maybe working .. oh and holiday to NZ.
    cannot wait for these two weeks to finish.

    wbu? what's your plans after hsc?
    lol yeah.
    English - I don't know, I never have known it and I never will.. I just don't belong with it.
    Maths 2U - I realised I made so many silly mistakes, so that kinda sucks.
    Ext, Bio, Chem, Phys.. I have a lot of study to go lol
    My top UAC choice is now Optom :)
    I don't know if I'll get it though cause of umat - if not, pharmacy?
    Wait, wing extension or bio?

    I recon you'd have a better shot at winging bio, but even then :/

    I've been -trying- to study for bio, but its not working

    I've been kind sick the last few days, and I'm on the verge of going on a coke and jellybean diet :p


    But seriously, fml.

    Bio + ancient+ maths and I've studded like none of it :(
    i just want to say, your nuts.

    Your rules about who's allowed into your house are hilarious but... :)

    Also, study for bio.

    And good luck for maths tomorrow :)
    Ever since the HSc started i always see you on forums man, go study dont you want to get into that nutrition course
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