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    English HSC Task One DISCOVERY

    Choose something that remotely resembles discovery or has an element of discovery present at face value. Choose something that is also not popular. This makes it perfect for making up fake quotes / techniques etc. You've got to use some common sense here though and not look dodgy
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    Craziest/random/wierd things that you have seen happen at school?

    some kid removed the cover from the drain near the english classes, where water would flow on a rainy day. This was approx. 60cm wide He then stuffed one of the big black bins in it... Expelled.That guy was my cousin. Another dude set a bin on fire right infront of me... people released...
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    English HSC Task One DISCOVERY

    Hi The trick with choosing related texts is to choose something that isn't popular *and* has a surface level of discovery present so that if you get a question that is perplexing you can, in the literal sense of this word, make quotes / filmic techniques etc up that don't seem to inexact. The...
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    What is so special about James Ruse or any other selective?

    James Ruse ist das top schule für die Jungen und Mädchen lernen
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    job rejections

    Yep. Got called in for a CBD interview for a, I fucking kid you not, 100% commission based role. Like, no - I'd rather start my own company.
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    job rejections

    Hi, At this point in time, most stores have actually just finished hiring. I know this sucks, but it probably is best to wait until some time during next year. The best time to apply for a job would have been actually during trials. You might get lucky with a store here and there, but usually...
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    Just found out my ATAR

    Hacked MacBook optimised for maximum performance
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    Just found out my ATAR

    dat 99.95
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    What language did you learn first?

    Thank you, +1'd OP please read this very carefully. I wish someone told me this when I tried to teach myself programming in the 5th grade. I started with C++ and quite frankly, was quite confronted by the bunch of things that i just had to accept. Although I became somewhat competent at it and...
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    Please help me decide between UTS and Monash

    Hi, Adding to the above, ask on the whirlpool forums for a more 'able' audience in relation to your questions.
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    $200 Train Penalty Appeal HELP

    Appeal it, write what you wrote above it'll 99% get accepted. If this is your second appeal, it probably will not. But they are pretty lenient on first timers.
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    Starting early: USA Universities

    If you want to get into the ivy league uni's in the US, you are going to have to be above-and-beyond. AU uni's just look at ATAR, US uni's make you write admission essays, look at your extracurriculars, background etc. You've either got to be a) famous, b)a social justice warrior or c) highly...
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    Question about EAS

    Should I start my EAS documents after I receive my ATAR? If my ATAR is enough for what I want, I don't see the point in getting EAS points