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  • if theres anything ive gained from this experiences its that there is no substitute for hardwork
    i was too cocky and thought i was smart enough to wing it

    I agree with this also. I did not study for maths once i was too cocky before trials because i was coming fourth. i didn't study and guess what got 44% lol.. and rank dropped 10's of places LOL...

    But yeah i agreed i could've tried harder. But we did our best so yeah results should flow!!

    Good luck with your other exams?
    Im rank 2 1 mark of 1st XD internally. The first girl is beast and top 5 is pretty good. So i think i should be fine for hsc.

    Woah 97 dude?? that's nice!

    I don't think band 6 is possible but yeah let's think optimistic, but paper 1 was dreaful argg!!
    Defs better than trials. I got 48 pages (4-6 pages a line) about 4000 words. Im expecting atleast 50's for modules XD..

    All my essays were good but yeah i couldn't adapt the memorised so i improvised.
    Same man im trying my best, i was aiming for b6 now it's more like higher band 5.

    I don't think i'll get 95 so im aiming for 92ish :).

    Good luck!!
    est please for friend

    subject rank exam result CSSA TRIALS
    Chemistry 3/18................ 70/100
    advanced maths 2/45....... 98/120
    advanced english 21/69.... 65/105
    SOR:2unit 5/41............... 77/100
    Physics 1/20................... 72/100
    school rank:350-400

    estimate please

    subject rank exam result CSSA TRIALS
    Chemistry 3/18 70/100
    advanced maths 2/45 90/120
    advanced english 25/69 65/105
    SOR:2unit 6/41 75/100
    Physics 1/20 70/100

    school rank: 300-350
    I'm always ripping roots. :p

    I've always had contemplation in my mind. I'll always be thinking about this shit, but because of my logical reasoning at this time I believe there is no god.
    There's no god.

    That doesn't make any sense at all. If "god" created people to have freedom then why are there bad people anyway? Evil had to spawn from somewhere and don't give me that devil crap. If negative thoughts came about within god's creation then I pose to you that if there is a god that he is just as evil or capable of evil as the creatures he has made, throwing the Christian view of god out the window.

    You clearly don't have restrained thought if you are restrained to thinking that god is real.

    Exactly, they have no one else to blame because there is no one else to blame, because there's no such thing as god.

    No it doesn't, they are caused by whether pattern, seismic activity and the like. Science has given us the answers as to why natural disasters occur, religion has given us hopeless ways of dealing with it such as "praying" and the like.
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