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  • You were arrogant and ignorant when you assumed to know anything about me.
    tbh I got over the point of being offended about my disorder years ago. You don't anger me; I pity you.
    They were rhetorical questions, Liz. The Catholic church has never helped me do anything positive and my family (my dad, my uncle and my dad's ex, now friend) have sincere qualms with the Catholic church.
    A lot of people feel the same way. The Church abuses its power.

    Anyway, Liz, I would prefer that you do not continue to talk to me. However, if free will drives you to talk to me again, please do not feel hurt if I do not reply. I have a headache and a bad taste in my mouth.

    No, it's not guilt, it's the result of dehydration and not brushing my teeth for over a day. Lol.
    i did a year of science at melbourne uni, living at college which was brilliant, going back this year to finish it then hopefully in to medicine.
    I'm not like that... :) I've said to you what I had to now I'm not going to send you msgs daily or sth like that.
    Well, getting over things is really tough for me. I remember good and bad things for a long time.
    I didn't know that your favourite pass time is reading others old posts and repping 'em -vely. lollll

    You shouldn't be telling me what to do, mind ur your own biz you girlyyy.
    ily too XD.

    If you're working in 2 hours, why are you still here? :p
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