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  • in her defence all you lot have no display pics, or proper names.. what the hell is "xterc" and ".n." can't you be like alina and just write your full name :mad1:
    I agreee with x-terc;) that comment below. LOOLL thanh your meant to make a comment on her page.. or else she won't see this unless she clicks onto your page! HOW funny LOL.what'd she need back up on... which forum?
    lmao. RANIA PLEASE thats too much effort!!! right natashca?! and how do you change your username? i dont wanna be gangster no more lmao backmeupbackmeup
    LOL you guys are all gay.. how can you not know how to accept someone =.= go to user cp, click on contact and friends, then you see your friends, and people who have added you, then tick the box (of the person who added you) and click save changes... it's not rocket surgery (get it.. like rocket science and brain surgery ahahaha read it in reader's digest :L)
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL omgoshhh ive been trying to accept kathy for the past 947578 days... and I dunno how to... i somehow accepted rania... but not kathy=/ looll just reading kathy's thing.
    LOL i don't know how to accept either.. i just know how to add. not used to this yet... AHAHAHA don't tell me you're turning into Rania--who is using this thing like MSN haha.
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