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    BOS has no idea...

    English teaches communication skills and is basically a primer for university. You don't like it, do standard, or the BEC English course they introduced this year
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    Module B Hate Thread

    I said that Gertrude knew that the cup was poisoned... Her disobedience and death was on purpose directly attempting to save her son and atone for her insensitive actions earlier in the play
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    How much did you write?

    8/9/8 Around 6 - 8 words per line
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    Module B Hate Thread

    Re: Module B - too specific? I did Hamlet and talked about how the ending is integral in how Shakespeare re appropriates the tragic genre. Because it didn't specify thematic concerns I turned it into a genre study :D
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Quick question though. If you referred to the closing scene, but didn't focus on the extract would you be penalised. It never said to focus on the extract in your response... Just saying
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Our school basically did the Hamlet question, word for word for our trial paper. Two redrafts later, and unbeknownst to me I was sitting with a pre-prepared response :awesome:
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    How hard is Prelim Physics.

    I am doing my H.S.C. over two years, and am thinking that I might like to pick up Physics (since I want to study it at university). Obviously, this means that I have skipped the first two terms of work in the prelim course. How hard are these terms (considering that I can do 4 unit mathematics...
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    How would you sketch this?

    Don't forget 2 and 1/2, seeing as how (2)(1/2)(1)arg(z-2/z+2) = pi/2
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    Why can't I read IMPORTANT threads?

    Ahh, right. I didn't know
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    How many marks would I get for this?

    If all they wanted was the answer to all the questions, then there wouldn't be any, show that A = B questions. They want to see the process as well as the result. In some cases, the result will be the most insignificant part
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    Why can't I read IMPORTANT threads?

    Self explanatory really
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    Dropping Ext. 2?

    Herm... bad sources then. I apologise
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    HSC Mathematics Marathon

    New question? New question. The quadratic equation x^2 - (2 cos \theta ) x + 1 = 0 has roots \alpha and \beta . (i) Find expressions for \alpha and \beta . (ii) Show that \alpha ^{10} + \beta ^{10} = 2 cos ( 10 \theta )
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    polynomial q

    Ok, so x^2 - x + k = 0 Therefore: delta = 1^2 - 4k = 1 - 4k Now, for one root, delta = 0 For no roots, delta < 0 If k >= 1/4, delta <= 0 (a.k.a. 1 or 0 roots) Note if k < 0, one root will be always be negative So if you want to count 0 as not positive, then 0 < k < 1/4
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    Dropping Ext. 2?

    well... 50 scales to around 85-90 ish, so keep