early entry

  1. MissKrabappel

    Early entry

    Greetings, is early entry available for year 11 students (2023) this year or will I have to wait next year? I am looking at a bachelor of education (secondary) or Nursing.
  2. C

    early entry into law

    Hey guys, just want to know if you guys have any idea on whether getting early entry into law at MCQ, UTS and UOW is hard? If you guys have gotten it and don't mind, please disclose your approximate grades and approximate school rank. I go to a rank 30/40 selective school in Sydney and didn't do...
  3. tamdz

    How does early entry work?

    i did pretty good in year 11 and i was wondering: - who's eligible to apply? - when do i apply? - how do i apply? - what unis can i apply to? - what course can i apply to? thanks. anyone who responds informatively will be rewarded greatly
  4. M

    Are these grades good enough for ANU PPE early entry?

    Are these year 11 grades good enough to get an offer to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at ANU through early entry? subject: sem 1 | sem 2 English Advanced: 95 | 85 English Extension 1: 86 | 92 Chemistry: 83 | 70 Economics: 90 | 91 Japanese Continuers: 94 | 92 Maths Advanced: 86 | 75...
  5. A


    I'm just wondering with the application, what sort of answers they would be looking for cause to be completely honest I cant think of a good answer for the question. "Thinking about your future self at university, what do you identify as the key challenges for you and how do you plan to manage...
  6. A

    Early Entry

    So the UAC account applications open tomorrow at 9am and I've got a few Uni's that I'm trying to apply for early entry. Just wondering what questions they would typically ask so I can prepare a response?
  7. C

    UTS or USYD which is better for bachelor of Economics

    Hi, I'm about to finish my year 12 and recently received and offer for UTS early entry for Economics. I am considering just taking the offer and not even considering USYD, my main question would be which uni is better for Economics, which is better for internships and job opportunities and how...

    UOW early admission

    How lenient is uow when giving out early offers ?
  9. queenb_3

    Macquarie’s leaders and achievers help!!

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is well, and everyone’s enjoying their holidays! So I’m applying to the Macquarie’s leaders and achievers early entry scheme and I was wondering if anyone has any advice? What are the type of activities that stand out? Anything specific I should include within my...
  10. G

    Can I reject an early entry offer later?

    I’m thinking of applying for early entry, but the uni I really want doesn’t do it. I’m not sure if I’ll get into the course so my plan is to do early entry for other courses. However, if I do get accepted into the original course, can I reject any early entry offers I may have received/ accepted?
  11. J

    Macquarie University Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Queries

    Hi guys, I am currently a Year 11 student and am looking ahead towards future entry schemes I may be interested in. I understand the Macquarie University Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme requires both strong academic results in year 11 as well as demonstrated community/school service. I...