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extension 1 maths

  1. J

    Looking for some Grade 12 Force vector questions

    Mainly ones with pulleys, tension, incline planes and stuff like that. Most questions I find are really easy using normal force vectors.
  2. Y

    What should I know prior to year 10 and previous years in order to do extension 1 maths?

    What should I know prior to year 10 and previous years in order to do extension 1 maths? I know algebra is a big one however if there is more please do let me know so that I can brush up on it. Also, is learning polynomials in year 10 ESSENTIAL for extension 1? as my teacher said its essential...
  3. Y

    A1 Ext 1 / Ext 2 at Dr Du

    Does anybody do A1 Extension 2 (or extension 1) Maths at Dr. Du?. If so, how is the teaching and resources and why should I choose it over other tutoring centers? Thanks!
  4. A

    Does anybody know when Matt cash classes start for MX1 / Advanced?

    Does anybody know when Matt cash classes start for MX1 / Advanced? Also would he be teaching that class?
  5. A

    How to start studying effectively from day 1 of year 11?

    What can I do to study from day 1 of year 11 that is effective? what should I do? should I make a timetable and learn what is being taught in class only or jump ahead. Thanks!
  6. G

    what subject to drop? pls help!!

    hey im about to start year 12 soon, I'm unsure about which subject to drop. I currently have 13 units but will be doing my SOR 1 unit HSC this year. So going into my hsc exams next year, I'll have 12 units but I would like to drop 1 or 2 units for workload. My averages and ranks across each...
  7. S

    Should I study for 2 Unit if I do 4 Unit?

    Hello Everyone, I just recently got promoted to Year 12, and got into 4 Unit. People tell me its kind of a tough subject and I can already see why. Now my problem is that the first term exams are gonna happen for me about in a month's time, and I want to do exceptional in 4 Unit. I found out...
  8. shoulfer

    Are there any 4U topics that would be worth learning that could be helpful for 3U math?

    Are there any 4U topics that would be worth learning that could be helpful for 3U math?
  9. A

    What's the most important thing to know from year 10 going onto extension in year 11?

    My teacher's have said polynomials is absolutely essential in extension 1 I also know algebra is one. But what is the most important thing to know from year 10 and earlier years to be able to do extension maths? Thanks!
  10. A

    Ext 1 to Ext 2?

    - Is it possible to move up from 3u in year 11 to 4u In year 12? - If it is possible, hypothetically, if I am achieving 95%+ in Extension 1 and Advanced should I consider doing extension 2? Thanks!
  11. A

    Dux College or Sydney Centre of Mathematics for extension 1?

    I am considering Dux college as I don't want to go to 3 different tutoring places for Maths, English and Physics. However, If there is any other tutoring centre worth mentioning, please let me know! Thanks
  12. D

    What subject do I drop?

    I am not sure as to what subject I should drop, I am doing 3u maths, adv english, chem, physics, PDH and Eco, and i am probably going to be picking up 4u maths, so I want to cut down to 12 units. I feel like 10 units is going to be too risky because of 4u, so I have made up my mind to either...
  13. Lith_30

    Auxillary method question

    How would I solve part a and b.
  14. T

    Time Management Advice?

    Hey Guys! I now have approx 8 weeks till the HSC and I was wondering if anyone had any good time management advice? It's been one week since our Alternative Trials finished and I haven't really done anything proper yet (I'm burnt out lol but I managed to get in 3 hours overall this entire...
  15. ItsNotHSC

    Extension Question - Arcs / Radians

    Anyone know how to solve this one (q20 11I Cambridge Extension 1 Year 11): A certain hill is represented by a hemisphere of a radius 1km. A man 180cm tall walks down the hill from the summit S at 6km/h. How long (correct to the nearest second) will it be before he is invisible to a person lying...
  16. L

    Need help with some HSC 3U Maths Questions

    Hello everyone! Can anybody help me to solve these question? (sorry I'm very bad at Maths, took me forever but I still couldn't figure out o_O) 1. (HSC 1982): A biased coin is found to have probability 0.7 of showing a head when tossed. b) What is the most likely combination of heads and tails...
  17. Q

    perms and combs

    I need help with the following: 1) A student writes a random three-digit number using the digits 1-9. what is the probability that the three digits in the number are all the same? 2) five cards are drawn from a standard pack of 52 playing cards (without replacement). what is the probability of...
  18. A

    Selling HSC Math Advanced & Extension 1 EXTENSIVE NOTES (NEW SYLLABUS) (99/100 2U & 48/50 3U)

    Math Advanced + Extension 1 Combined Notes (185 Pages, 2U HSC Mark 99/100, 3U HSC Mark 48/50) Includes full worked answers for all features questions, clearly set out notes. See sample in attachment, if you would like to see more please contact me. Topics include: Curve Transformations...
  19. 2

    n or n-1 for sample standard deviation?

    So I was doing some 2020 school trial papers and I found that none have included sqrt(p(1-p)/(n-1)) as the answer for sample standard deviation. Just wondering what do you guys think, would n-1 be safer in HSC or n will be fine?