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hsc 2022

  1. M

    Are these grades good enough for ANU PPE early entry?

    Are these year 11 grades good enough to get an offer to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at ANU through early entry? subject: sem 1 | sem 2 English Advanced: 95 | 85 English Extension 1: 86 | 92 Chemistry: 83 | 70 Economics: 90 | 91 Japanese Continuers: 94 | 92 Maths Advanced: 86 | 75...
  2. B

    Scared of my ATAR

    Hi everybody! Recently my Mum has told me that she thinks I could possibly have inattentive ADHD. I have no idea if I do or if I don't, but I have tremendous difficulty completing assigned tasks, studying, and remaining focus throughout a lesson. There are other symptoms that I relate to and...
  3. DH2014

    What ATAR can I realistically get?

    Mathematics Standard: 9/48 English Standard: 8/56 Design and Technology: 8/22 Spanish Beginners: 3/5 Economics: 16/22 Thank you for any help, I’ve just been stressing out a lot because of my low ranks in economics and spanish.
  4. Great Southern Land

    I feel like a failure.

    I start my HSC trials in another week and I don't think I am going to pass my trials or even get a good ATAR and have lost hope. I want to get an ATAR of 85. Is it still possible to attain if I do horrible in my HSC Trials? I didn't really study in the school holidays/during the first week of...
  5. R


    Hey if anyone could tell me the continuity and change that has occurred in India's: -education -beliefs, values and lifestyles It would be greatly appreciate x
  6. E

    Module 6 Task (that isnt titration?)

    How do I prepare for a practical test on module 6? It's only on inquiry questions 1 and 2 since, and hence no titration, but I don't know how to prepare for this. Also what other information would I need to know from prior modules to help with module 6? Chemistry is the bane of my existence.
  7. G

    Family law essays

    Hi guys, i was just wondering about how many essay paragraphs i can pre-prepare for family law, and how many essays topics have a possibility of appearing in the hsc.
  8. J

    The political and economic state of the word :(

    Hey can someone help me to plan an essay structure for this economics question Disscuss/Analyse how domestic and global free trade and protection policies impact the Australian economy. regards, Jaden Smith P.S this is not a troll I actually need help with this 😭
  9. R

    PIP questionnaire https://forms.gle/7pJye9fjK8vUFXfr8

    This is a questionnaire for my PIP, if you take the time out of your day to answer, it will be much appreciated :)
  10. A

    Selling Summary Notes for PDHPE (Band 6), Business Studies (Band 6) and Biology (Band 5)

    I am a HSC 2021 graduate and received an atar of 95.6. I'm offering detailed summary notes for $10 per topic/module for year 12 and Year 11 PDHPE, Biology and Business Studies. This will not only save you heaps of time typing up/creating your own summary notes, but will give you access to...
  11. R

    PIP (please help)

    Hey, so my teacher said that my PIP topic was too generic and had been done a lot in the previous years which was: "How does the negative influence of Disney material manifest in children?" With this question I was going to talk about toxic masculinity, misogynistic views and beauty...
  12. #26MysteryMarker

    Biology Practical Exam Tips (?) (HSC Task 2)

    Hey guys, I created this thread for any tips, and tricks you might have. How can I best approach this test? It is on module 5, and these are listed as "possible" outcomes: ● model the processes involved in cell replication, including but not limited to: – mitosis and meiosis – DNA replication...
  13. J

    How tf do i prepare for the two economics essay in the HSC exam bruh

    If any of you guys have any tips or tricks they'll be very helpfull!!!!!
  14. P

    Atar Estimate?

    Im graduating 2022 and doing PDHPE, Biology, Math Advanced, English Advanced, Science Extension and Chemistry. I completed the accelerated course for Biology and Math Advanced and gave the HSC last year. I got 84 for Math and 85 for Biology. I had the choice to repeat but I made the decision to...
  15. 9

    I'm going into preliminary year and HSC (12) for some subjects and terrified. HELP

    2022, I'm going into prelim with subjects -biology -chemistry -english advanced -english ext 1 -music 1 These subjects are accelerated and taking the HSC (2022) for -Maths advanced -Maths ext1 -SOR (Studies of Religion1) I haven't really consulted an expert for my subject choices just fully on...
  16. Great Southern Land

    How do I prepare for Year 12 during the school holidays?

    With the first half of the school holidays over, I have been very lazy playing tonnes of video games the whole time and don't know where to start and how to prepare for Year 12 and the HSC. What can I do during the school holidays to prepare me for the 2022 and HSC?
  17. mary555

    how should i study for the maths advanced hsc this year?

    happy new year everyone! i hope 2022 is a good year for all of us :) this year, I'll be taking my hsc for maths advanced and sor 1, but I'm not sure how to study for the former during the holidays this month. my teacher said this time is crucial to prepare, so i want to use it effectively...
  18. A

    10 units risky or not

    I do these subjects: 4u math, 2u adv eng, Phys, Chem and software. I wanna drop software. The situation for me in the other subjects is relatively ok i.e in 4u I did mediocre and am ranked somewhere round 10 to 15 i need to improve exam technique as in the recent test I did quite some silly...
  19. A

    is 1 a complex num

    im asking this cuz a q asks to show an example of finding nth roots of a complex num with n>5 i used the example z^6 = 1 and found the roots of this. but yh is 1 a complex number and would using it satisfy the question