hsc 2022

  1. J


    God I feel so much liberation, I can actually go outside now bruh.. Also physics was great bruh, I wanna give nesa a cheeky kiss fr
  2. J

    Economics Predictions

    lol im fucked :D
  3. [Blank]

    How I overcame 5 years of depression in 5 minutes.

    Today, I have rediscovered the meaning of “observation”, the identity I crafted for myself when I was at my best. The self that stared off into space, and did so guilt free of the fact that I was ‘wasting time’, simply because my emotions were at their highest, and I wanted to bask in the glory...
  4. J

    Bad mark in hsc exam good rank

    Hey! So I’ve just done my modern exam and I know I performed badly as in pretty bad I am predicting a 72 raw mark. My internal rank is 3rd and I was 1% away from second place and 3% from first place. My cohort is okay we do have a few high performers but only about 5/30. I was wondering how my...
  5. D


    Coming up in 2 weeks what do you guys think we're gonna get for the 5 markers? What's your plans and hopes for the section 3 essay, think they're gonna do holistic or specified essay for Christianity?
  6. J

    Mathematics Extension 2 Predictions

    how yall feeling, you reckon q16 will be another mechanics question?
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    What is the Bereal goes off tommorow during English paper 1
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    wsg lol

  9. P

    How to prepare for Legal studies essays

    For me, Legal studies is the hardest to study due to the unpredictability of the essay questions in Section 2/3 (elective questions). I have a good understanding of the topics, but I fear if I study hard on a section from the topic, and in the exam, they will throw a curve ball that my reserved...
  10. D

    Which census in SOR exam?

    The 2021 census data was released recently and I'm wondering whether the questions are going to be asking up until 2021 or 2016 census in this years HSC exam? Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks
  11. E

    Atar estimate?

    Hey guys, My school rank lies at around 200. my internal marks and ranks weren’t as good as I’d have liked. eng std: - mark: 82 - rank: 6/66 ipt: - mark: 84 - rank: 2/11 sdd: - mark: 79 - rank: 5/9 math 2u - mark: 77 - rank: 13/25 physics: - mark: 60 :( - rank: 16/24 I expect to do a lot...
  12. T


    I have all of my internal marks for trials, I'm wondering if an Atar of 85 is possible or what possible atar I am looking at. My ranks so far Studies of Religion II - 6/9 cohort average for trials was 79% Math Standard 8/23 cohort average for trials was 62% English Standard 13/50 cohort...
  13. H

    Is copying someone elses quotes plagarism?

    Was wondering if copying someone else quotes and themes is considered plagiarism? And is copying some ones structure is plagiarism?
  14. R

    HSC marks

    Hey, so I was just wondering, in CAFS i’ve got 90+ for all of my assessments, but for my trials, I ended up with a 81 and ranked 6th. If I try really hard in the HSC and receive something above 90, would I still be able to keep the band 6 or would the band 6 go to someone above me and i’d be...
  15. I

    What happens if the students placed 1st and 2nd in the internals get the same HSC mark?

    (Just curious on how the internal mark moderation works in this scenario.)
  16. M

    Are these grades good enough for ANU PPE early entry?

    Are these year 11 grades good enough to get an offer to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at ANU through early entry? subject: sem 1 | sem 2 English Advanced: 95 | 85 English Extension 1: 86 | 92 Chemistry: 83 | 70 Economics: 90 | 91 Japanese Continuers: 94 | 92 Maths Advanced: 86 | 75...
  17. B

    Scared of my ATAR

    Hi everybody! Recently my Mum has told me that she thinks I could possibly have inattentive ADHD. I have no idea if I do or if I don't, but I have tremendous difficulty completing assigned tasks, studying, and remaining focus throughout a lesson. There are other symptoms that I relate to and...
  18. DH2014

    What ATAR can I realistically get?

    Mathematics Standard: 9/48 English Standard: 8/56 Design and Technology: 8/22 Spanish Beginners: 3/5 Economics: 16/22 Thank you for any help, I’ve just been stressing out a lot because of my low ranks in economics and spanish.
  19. Great Southern Land

    I feel like a failure.

    I start my HSC trials in another week and I don't think I am going to pass my trials or even get a good ATAR and have lost hope. I want to get an ATAR of 85. Is it still possible to attain if I do horrible in my HSC Trials? I didn't really study in the school holidays/during the first week of...
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    Hey if anyone could tell me the continuity and change that has occurred in India's: -education -beliefs, values and lifestyles It would be greatly appreciate x