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math extension 2

  1. H

    Kurt 4u trial class

    I am currently in year 12 and goes to Kurt for 4u. I just don't know if I should continue Kurt next term bc it is basically tests every second class and going through the tests. He does give rlly good resources but I do feel like there are other resources available and past hsc/trial questions...
  2. I

    Which school Ext 1 and 2 trial papers are the easiest and which are the hardest?

    I have just started doing trial papers with solution at hand and was wondering where a good starting point would be and where I should strive to be before the week of my hsc trials.
  3. A

    Is learning something at school and going home and revising the exact thing you learnt at school effective?

    Is learning something at school and going home and revising the exact thing you learnt at school effective? E.g Learning functions at school and going home and revising that exact thing. Thanks!
  4. W

    An AI that helps you solve HSC Maths problems

    Hi, I created an AI that’s trained on the HSC Maths syllabus. He (”Algebro”) can help you figure out problems easily by uploading a photo of it. Currently, he can help with Maths advanced, ext 1, and ext 2. If you’d like, you can try it out here: algebro.me A bit about me: My name is Alisa...
  5. M

    Best NESA Approved Calculators

    What's the best NESA approved calculator for math E1/E2. I'm talking as many functions as possible like vectors, complex numbers etc
  6. M

    Should I Do E2

    Next term, after finishing advanced math, I will be starting math E1 and E2 simultaneously, I know some of the E1 content due to common content with physics (vectors) but I was wondering if this workload will be too much. My school decided to start E1 and E2 in term 4 so I have not done any...
  7. H

    4U for kurt

    Hi. I am in year 11 and I go to Kurt for math. I go to a private school and I joined Kurt last year. I found kurt a pretty good tutor and I have improved a lot since joining. However, his 4U class starts from next week and the class time is 8.30-10.30pm which is crazy to me bc I sleep at...
  8. I

    Math equivalent of strive physics

    Anyone know any maths equivalent textbook of strive physics. Preferably something divided into different topics with questions from the past and definitely not Cambridge or the other common ones
  9. O

    Maths Ext 2 (and Ext 1) 2022 trial papers

    I was wondering if anyone had any Math Ext 2 or Maths Ext 1 trial papers from 2022. I heard THSC won't be adding any new content this year so I have no idea where to get any recent trial papers so I think if this post can act as a bit of a collation for these papers it would really nice practice...
  10. I


    Do any math prodigies on BOS have any tips for getting good at maths especially in a short amount of time without going to like 10 different tutoring centres? Please let me know what you guys have done cos I need to raise those marks!
  11. Lith_30

    Vector equation question

    I need help with part a.
  12. Modern4DaBois

    Help Pls with 4U Problem ASAP

    Hello, could anyone pls help me do part (c)? I've done a and b and kinda mind-blanked for c.
  13. J

    What's a good question book to buy for math extension s?

    I know that excel Success One for math extension 1 is pretty good, but seems like they don't have a same type of question book for math extension 2. Obviously I feel like i need to practice more questions, so any recommendation what to buy? Thx!!!