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    intern and job qns (electrical, civil, mechanical)

    lmao oops, i asked the wrong qn, fixed it now but cheers 4 adv ppl thinkin hard
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    intern and job qns (electrical, civil, mechanical)

    lol wat y tho was thinking of combining it with electrical eng a while back but idk
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    intern and job qns (electrical, civil, mechanical)

    sup bos, starting unsw engo this yr. had a few qns 1. how hard is it to land an internship for the above 3 engos? (need 2 months paid to graduate) 2. which field do you think is better in terms of grad jobs, $$$ and job satisfaction? 3. which one would be the toughest course (content/effort...
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    Advice on 4 unit maths

    don't do 13 units lol, the extra subject (legal) will be a massive drain of your time and will bring your other subjects down. it's much better to do 4u and put the extra time you have into English, this will pump up your atar heaps. for someone with a math base like yours, 4u won't be overly...
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    Should I take a gap year and retry UMAT?

    hey tmkarp, this is a bit late and you've probably already set on what you'll be doing. nonetheless want to add my 2c. first off congrats on your insane atar, awesome work. youll get scholarships at a few unis, and it gives you a very good leg-up for unsw med. did my hsc in 2014 and got a mid...
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    How does magnetic field bend Cathode Rays

    what do you mean by the shadow? if you mean the path of the electron, you use the right hand rule. A common trick in HSC questions is where they get you to find the direction of the force. Make sure you point your thumb opposite the direction of motion of the cathode ray - because cathode rays...
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    What to learn in the Holidays

    Pretty much what everyone else said. Ask your teacher what topics you will be doing next term for 3 and 4u (usually complex). Get those covered, make sure you understand them. The 4u Cambridge textbook is a good place to start for questions and theory. Study during your summer holidays, get...
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    Undergraduate Medicine

    No, you don't need to do any sciences at all to get into UNSW/UWS Med. You can do pure humanities subjects and still apply, as long as you get the required ATAR it doesn't matter too much. I know UNSW recommends students to have done Chemistry and 3u maths (in their course info booklet) but...
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    Classical theory and Experimental graph

    basically yeah, radiation emitted/intensity ratio is maximum at the peak wavelength, less radiation (with less intensity) is emitted at any other wavelength
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    Good tutoring colleges in burwood?

    What subjects are you looking to get tutored in? I went to Alpha Omega during my HSC years. The tutors there are really good, especially the maths ones. It's just across the road from the new library.