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  • well anything's fun when you're enjoying it. Some courses are enjoyable, others are boring.
    So far most of my courses have been boring, lucky i have plenty of friends to help keep me sane :eek:
    yea the thing i loved about highschool is the very little responsiblity, me being very lazy and all.
    thats awesome :) i loved year 11, in fact i loved highschool, i'd do anything to go back in time 4 years and do the second half of high school again :eek:

    i do mechanical engineering at uni. Pretty hard, especially since i have the attention span of a spoon :(
    what subjects do u do at school?
    life is as usual for me, ie. boring.
    I had the past week off uni, mid semester break, i start again tomorrow.
    do not want :(

    how's your life, gurl?
    and how'd your modern assessment go?????????
    lol i was kidding :p
    and yea, unframed, love that song :)
    But With You is just amazing, sometimes im such a softie :eek:
    I gave you a whooooppppping 9 rep points :jaw: :).

    All-nighter? I think your condition might be useful come exam time. :)
    Well then you have time to study, HEAPS!
    i've still got assessments to be done and speeches on yr 12 graduation day..
    Serious? How many hours of sleep did you manage last night?
    Yesss tomorrow and it only goes for a week :( 7 exams in 5 days :(
    assessments some great some terrible especially ext maths :(

    haha how many rep points did i give you? just curious :)
    oh damn, that'd suck heaps :(
    i guess its good that school is currently cruisy.
    speaking of which, i need sleep.
    gnite, and good luck with your modern assessment :)
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